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Tanzanian sportsbook BetPawa offers a range of betting options, bonuses, and betting adventures. This platform lets punters bet on favorite teams and leagues and participate in its lucrative jackpots.

Handicap betting is a well-liked betting option available at all of the top online sportsbooks, including BetPawa. This idea enables betting sites to alter the number of goals or points to manipulate the advantage or disadvantage that one team has over the other. 

This article will discuss handicap betting on BetPawa, including the definition of the term, how it operates, examples of bets that fall under this category, and winning techniques.

Betting Terms

Betting Terms BetPawa

If you are just starting out, it is important to learn the most basic terms used in betting required to place bets properly. Any online glossary can offer you a detailed list of those. In the meantime, let’s skip to the main topic of our article, handicap bets.

Handicap Bets: Review

The idea behind this type of wager is to give a team an advantage or disadvantage for that particular game by adding or subtracting points from them. 

To get as close to an even money shot for both teams as possible, the bookmaker is attempting to create a market where any advantage for one team over the other is eliminated. In the end, the underdog would receive extra points, and the favorite would lose points. The handicap that is applied will depend on the difference between the two teams, leveling the playing field.

What Is a Two-Way Handicap?

A two-way option is offered in the world of sports betting for contests that have a winner, like hockey (overtime and a shootout), basketball (overtimes until a winner is declared), or tennis (a match cannot end in a draw). When a two-way handicap line is employed in a sport where a draw is possible, the wager is typically reimbursed in the event that a draw occurs. 

How Do Two-Way Handicap Bets Work?

Handling a favorite for a win or loss is the sole purpose of traditional two-way handicapping. Thus, for example, in soccer, the team that is considered the underdog based on the odds is given a goal, or prior to the game, the favorite is given disability points. Consequently, if you are betting on the favorite to win, they will have to overcome a margin of -1, -2, -3, etc. Still, soccer also provides a 3-way system, allowing wagerers to choose to wager on a tie. 


Take Team 1, for example, who is starting with a -2 handicap and is expected to win. Since Team 2 has a lower chance of winning by a wide margin, the handicap points level the odds, so Team 2’s starting position is +2. It is now a handicap tie of -2. In essence, you are placing a wager on the team that dominates by the predetermined margin.

What Is a Three-Way Handicap?

What Is a Three-Way Handicap BetPawa&

Although less common, a three-way handicap bet is still available, and its technique is worth mentioning. It is connected to games like soccer, where ties are a common occurrence. The procedure is the same, but you have the option to include a draw bet in addition to your simple pick for one of the two teams to win.

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How Do Three-Way Handicap Bets Work?

Unlike other options, three-way betting offers three possible outcomes rather than just two. There are three ways to bet: you can support the draw, either of the two participating teams, or both. The handicap result is obtained by adding the game’s actual result to the imaginary handicap that the betting company created. The three-way option offers the same advantages as a two-way one, but there are three possible outcomes.

Analyzing team or player form, head-to-head records, injury updates, and other pertinent information can help you succeed at this type of betting. 


Okay, so you choose Team A and Team B. The handicap line is: 

  • Team A+1
  • Draw
  • Team B-1

The final score is 3-0 and the B wins.

For the purposes of the line, Team B would be declared the winner because, even with Team A’s one-goal start, they still won the game with a score of 3-1.

This is how it rolls!


Conclusion BetPawa

Any kind of handicap bet makes higher-odds betting possible. Just think about it: a single well-placed victory could result in odds of 4.00 or 5.00. You may need to place three or four bets to obtain smaller odds, but your chances of winning your wager are significantly lower if you include more games and predictions on the betting slip. Similar to trading, this type of betting can result in significant profits even if your win percentage is only 50% at the end of the period. 

However, it is important to remember that this wager type is tricky and requires proper research and expertise.


What does a handicap draw mean?
The score of an event that remains level after the handicap has been applied is known as the draw. When a bookmaker offers a handicap that is a decimal (e.g., 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.), draws cannot happen; however, when a whole number is offered, they can.
How do I determine which team has a positive or negative handicap in three-way betting?
At the conclusion of a given time frame, a team or individual is assigned a handicap, which can be either positive or negative. These bets forecast the team or individual that will win the market after this margin has been applied. Three-way handicap refers to the three possible results of the wager: a home victory, an away victory, or a draw. One team is given a head start (+1, +2, +3) in this market, while the other is handicapped (-1, -2, -3).
What is the purpose of handicap betting?
If the idea is new to you, it might seem a little confusing. But it's actually fairly easy once you grasp the principles. Don't worry. When a team is handicapped in sports betting, it means that a weaker team (the disadvantaged team) is given an advantage to make the match more even. In most cases, handicaps are numerical, with the stronger team giving the weaker team points prior to the game. They're also known as "favorites" or "underdogs" in popular culture.