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The BetPawa bookmaker provides convenient options to add more cash to the betting account for Tanzanian punters. The whole procedure is simple. Punters only need mobile phones to credit their accounts with a couple of taps. We will describe it in the following article, so you understand what methods are still available. Keep reading the article to know more.

About BetPawa

The platform has long been regarded as one of the premier providers of betting and gambling services in the country. With hundreds of games to wager on, nice array of bonuses and a lot more! To learn more about the BetPawa in Tanzania, read our review of the platform.

Available Options to Fund a BetPawa Account

Available Options to Fund a BetPawa Account

Punters like to bet on sports and, thus, need a platform to handle their transactions quickly. Minimum time, low fees, and simple mechanics of the payment process. It is what attracts players to make more stakes. That is why BetPawa cooperates with a bunch of financial organizations popular in Tanzania. As a result, they ensure the safety of their funds and the possibility of fast transactions.

Keep in mind that before you proceed with the payment, use the phone number you indicated while registering on the BetPawa website.

BetPawa USSD

Use the BetPawa USSD code option to deposit or receive a withdrawal. Punters in Tanzania have been familiar with it for a long time. This option takes the first place as the most wanted and regularly used one. There is no need to be connected to the Internet; players simply need to dial the command, insert the required data, and sum to launch it. Keep reading to find detailed information about each of the companies.


The M-Pesa from Vodacom allows users to send the lowest BetPawa deposit of TSH 100. The limit here is TSH 5,000,000. Keep in mind that this provider takes fees of about TSH 30. To credit your account, follow the steps below:

  1. First, dial the *150*00# command on your phone.
  2. Then, pick the business company number, which in your case is 4.
  3. Type in the new company pay bill number 445445
  4. Indicate the reference, which is the name PAWA.
  5. Put the sum of your deposit and confirm the action via a pin code.

You can start wagering once you receive the message on your phone, ensuring you about the successful operation.

Tigo Pesa

Another option here is to use the Tigo Pesa. This provider offers the same conditions for the amount of the deposited funds as Vodacom. However, the fee is unidentified but can be taken. You need to check this information directly with your provider. The basic procedure is similar:

  1. Dial the command on your phone: *150*01#.
  2. Put the business number, which is 3.
  3. Type in the new BetPawa pay bill number.
  4. Put the reference.
  5. Indicate the amount and a pin code.

Once you receive the SMS about the successful operation, the funds will be in your account instantly.


The Airtel provider allows BetPawa players in Tanzania to deposit money from their phones comfortably. Its commission is relatively tiny compared to Tigo Pesa and is currently Tsh 30. The limits are the same everywhere. To fund your account fulfills the following actions:

  1. Dial *150 *60# to open a menu.
  2. Insert 4.
  3. Pick 6.
  4. Select the “#” sign to proceed.
  5. Choose “17-BetPawa”.
  6. Indicate the new pay bill number of the bookie.
  7. Confirm the amount you wish to transfer and enter your pin code.

Now you are almost done. Receive the informational message about the completeness of your transaction. Now, you can wager on the events you like.

Halo Pesa

The Halo Pesa option provides an opportunity to credit the betting account in a few minutes. The provider requires about Tsh 30 commission. The required limits are the same as for Vodacom and others. To add some money to your account, follow our guide:

  1. Dial the *150*88# command on your phone.
  2. Enter number 3.
  3. Insert the company’s new pay bill number.
  4. Indicate the reference.
  5. Place the needed mount and your pin code.

After your confirmation, you will receive a message that your transfer has been successfully completed. Now you are ready to bet.


Many players prefer to pay via an e-wallet to keep some anonymity, but not all bookmakers allow such a method. BetPawa currently does not provide any depositing options with e-wallets for Tanzanian punters.


We will disappoint you if you have cash and wish to fund your account from the nearest ATM machine. Unfortunately, the bookmaker does not mention such an option on the website.

Payment Systems

Payment systems are not available at the moment for punters from Tanzania. At the time of our observations, the only acceptable option was USSD. You can check the website at the moment of your reading and see for yourself, and maybe the bookmaker made some adjustments.

Bank Transfers

It may be true that punters can deposit via bank transfers, but clarify that information with BetPawa by calling them or applying to their online support chat.


The bookmaker currently does not state any information about the possibility of direct use of cryptocurrency. However, since it is a global trend, this may change in the future.


E-voucher is a popular and widely known payment method worldwide, but in Tanzania is not that famous. It may be the reason why BetPawa does not offer it.

Rules and Requirements for Deposits

BetPawa Rules and Requirements for Deposits

Each bookmaker has unique rules and requirements on how players can fund their BetPawa accounts. We retrieved viable information regarding the limits provided by the bookie, the necessity of verification, and some other facts.

Account Verification

Before you credit the account, it is obligatory to identify yourself. To do so, indicate your name.

Depositing Limits

Each bookie provides their limits on the official platforms to let the punters know the lowest amount they can add to their account.

Minimum Deposit

BetPawa’s minimum deposit sum is Tsh 1,000. Players can send any sum starting from the smallest limit to their accounts.

Maximum Deposit

The biggest possible amount punters can credit their balances with is Tsh 5,000,000. We also note here that each method has its restrictions. For most of the options, Tsh 5,000,000 is the standard limit.

Is It Safe to Withdraw the Funds?

BetPawa Is It Safe to Withdraw the Funds

So, the question here is how to withdraw money from BetPawa. The answer is simple. You must enter your account on the official BetPawa website and go to the withdrawal page. Then, indicate your data and the amount you wish to receive. The minimum possible amount you can get is TSh 1,000.

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Withdrawal Issues

BetPawa Withdrawal Issues

Due to the long history of existence, the BetPawa team knows about some arising issues punters may face while trying to receive a payout. Therefore, we accumulated several most popular ones and provided detailed descriptions of how they can be solved.

I Did Not Receive Any Pin Code

In case you didn’t get a pin code, we recommend you refresh the page in the browser. If you requested it via your phone, keep in mind that it is valid for only 24 hours. Players can make at least three requests in three hours. If no code was sent to you, contact bookie support.

I Cannot Find my Deposit

We can name at least two reasons why it can happen. Check this list to solve the issue:

  1. Same phone number.
  2. Use the new pay bill number while depositing.

If everything is correct, but your funds still do not appear on your balance, contact the support team and provide the mobile number you used for this transaction.

Why is My Bet Still Open?

The website administration strives to close all bets right after the match is finished. However, in some cases, the results may not immediately become public. Apply to the support unit to retrieve the information.

We urge our readers not to use payment methods not mentioned on the bookie’s website. Sometimes, you will receive the money back, but sometimes you can lose it if you pay with an E-voucher. Another piece of advice is not to use financial organizations you hardly know but offer attractive deals on transfers.

Which Variant to Choose?

BetPawa Which Variant to Choose

Every player knows what is best for them. Since the bookmaker only offers USSD options, your choice is limited to many providers. Use the one where you are registered.

In Conclusion

As you can see now, making a deposit on the platform is incredibly easy. The whole process can be done in just a few minutes. Also, since the platform supports a wide array of deposit options, we are sure you will find the one you like.


What is the minimum deposit for BetPawa?
The minimum deposit sum is Tsh 1,000.
How do I withdraw money from BetPawa?
Open your account and proceed to the “Withdrawals” section. Select the method and confirm it.
Does BetPawa give a bonus on the first deposit?
Currently, the bonus for newbies is unavailable.
Which country owns BetPawa?
The company originates in Tallinn, Estonia.
How much is the maximum deposit on BetPawa?
The most considerable amount you can deposit is Tsh 5,000,000.
What is the minimum withdrawal on BetPawa?
The lowest possible amount punters can deposit is TSH 1,000.
Who is the best winner of BetPawa?
Christopher Laizer is an excellent example of a player who won big at BetPawa.
Who is the CEO of BetPawa?
Nikolai Barnwell is the SEO of the BetPawa platform.
Do people win with BetPawa?
Sure, many people in Tanzania have already won their prizes.
How many countries use BetPawa?
BetPawa is available for eight African countries.