How to bet on betPawa?
Betting on betPawa is very simple! You will only need to register on the site, make a first deposit and then stake on your favorite sports.
How to delete settled bets on betPawa?
Go to My Account and select "Clear Bet History" to remove or clean your betting history. If you wish to have a look at a more detailed instruction you may read our article concerning how to delete settled bets in betPawa.
How to check the ticket ID on betPawa?
Your ticket ID is located at the top of your ticket.
How to use a booking code on betPawa?
If you wish to learn more about codes, you may have a look at our article concerning the betPawa booking code.
How to check the bet ID on betPawa?
The bet ID may be found at the top of your ticket.
What does 3 way handicap mean in betPawa?
There are three possible outcomes when you place a 3-way handicap wager, which means that it gives you 3 potential bets.
How do I change my number on betPawa?
Changing your telephone number is not possible.
What is a booking code on betPawa?
You may learn about booking codes by checking our article about what is booking code in betPawa.
How to deposit on betPawa?
Choose Deposit from the menu after signing into your account, pick a payment method, enter the amount of the deposit and confirm the transaction.
How to deposit on betPawa with Airtel?
Dial the *150 *60# code on your telephone, enter your deposit amount and the 445445 number. Validate the transaction.
How to withdraw money from betPawa?
If you are interested in learning about withdrawals, you may have a look at our article regarding how to withdraw money from betPawa.
How to cashout on betPawa?
Open any betslip with the Cashout icon by selecting "My Bets" after placing your wagers.
How to play eazi hit on betPawa?
Sadly, betPawa Casino games are not accessible in Tanzania.
How to play and win the betPawa jackpot?
The player must accurately anticipate the results of every game in order to win the jackpot wager.
How to win (hack) the betPawa wheel of luck?
The wheel of luck is not accessible in Tanzania, besides, hacking is totally forbidden on the platform and will without doubt be controlled.
How to hack the betPawa jackpot?
Hacking the jackpot is not possible and any attempt will be noticed and managed.
How to hack the betPawa casino?
Casino games are not accessible in Tanzania at the moment, besides, any member attempting to participate in hacking activity will be restricted from the platform since it is totally prohibited.
How to play lucky roulette on betPawa?
The lucky roulette is not accessible to Tanzanian bettors at the moment.
How to win at fortune miner on betPawa?
Playing fortune miner is impossible since betPawa Casino games are not accessible in Tanzania yet.
How to win at sweet candy 6 on betPawa?
Sweet candy 6 has not been made accessible for Tanzanian bettors yet.
How to download the betPawa app?
The application may be downloaded from the sportsbook official site.
How to get free money on betPawa?
You may participate in the jackpot or look for the bonuses accessible at the moment.
Who is the owner of betPawa?
a Nigerian musician and entrepreneur named Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade and known as Mr. Eazi.
Why is betPawa not working?
If you encounter any kind of troubles you may contact the company’s support team.
How to delete a betPawa account?
You may do it by navigating to the “My Account” tab.
How to register on betPawa?
Navigate to the official site and tap on “Join Now” on the home page.
How to join betPawa and why do it?
betPawa is a very neat betting company that permits players to stake on sports and participate in other entertaining activities. You may join betPawa by visiting its official site.
How to win a virtual on betPawa?
You will win the bet if your team scores the goal you choose and wins.
How to play virtual games on betPawa?
Sadly, Casino games are not accessible in Tanzania but you may participate in the jackpot game or simply stake on sports.
How to win virtual football on betPawa?
Try to predict the correct outcome of a match and stick to trustworthy strategies.


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