What is an accumulator bet?

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If you have already honed your single-selection betting skills, it is time to level up and move on to accumulator betting. What is it, and how does it work? You will soon find everything out by following our helpful explainer below.

Betting Terms: The Basics in Our Glossary

Betting Terms: The Basics in Our Glossary

When taking your first steps in sports betting, you are bound to come across a bunch of specific terms. Before you start playing, you should have a good understanding of what odds, markets, and other relevant concepts mean.

Knowing the terminology is your key to a fast learning curve. You can gain this knowledge by reading our glossary containing the fundamental betting terms explained.

What Is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator is a bet placed on a set of selections. Each bookmaker determines the number of selections, which can start with two, three, or four. In addition to the abbreviated “acca,” this type of wager may be referred to as “parlay” or “multi bet” on different sites. 

Accumulator Bet Types

Based on how many selections—also called legs—an accumulator bet has, it can be

  • Double;  
  • Treble;
  • Four-fold;
  • Five-fold;
  • Six-fold;
  • Seven-fold;
  • and so on.

How Does It Work?

Normally, an accumulator bet works under the following rules:

  1. You select multiple events and predict each one’s result.
  2. Your acca wins if every single prediction made is correct.
  3. The return is the product of the stake by the odds of these predictions.

Here is an example of a treble with predicted outcomes of football matches:

Football eventsMarketsOddsStake
Granada vs. Atletico Madrid1X2 Granada5.33

Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers 1X2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 5.18
Equatorial Guinea vs. Ivory Coast1X2 Draw4.3

Let us say Granada beat the opposing team, Wolverhampton Wanderers were stronger in another match, and Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast made a tie. The return on the winning acca is TSh 118,720.42.

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How to Place an Acca

The typical steps you should take to place an acca on any betting site are as follows:

  • Sign up and login;
  • Fund your account; 
  • Make several picks;
  • Set your stake sum;
  • Place your wager. 

Final Say

Final Say BetPawa

An accumulator bet is a way to boost your earnings greatly: if it comes through, the odds of all picks in your betting slip will be considered. Furthermore, it is suited for punters of all levels as you can combine from two to several dozen legs, for example, forty or sixty.


What are the advantages of an accumulator bet?
First and foremost, you can win a hefty sum even with a small stake. Other pros include the possibility to diversify your strategy and lucrative promotions designed for accumulators.
What happens if a bet is void in an accumulator?
Usually, if one leg is void, it is simply deleted from the acca, leaving the other legs standing. However, a particular bookmaker may have their terms and conditions on this.
Are accumulator bets worth it?
Absolutely, as they allow you to play profitably. If you are wary of taking risks, you can always wager on a minimum number of events and only those you are confident about.