BetPawa Aviator: How to Get Exciting Betting Offers

Siti Onobanjo
Sports Betting Expert
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You can find many things among casino offers on different wagering websites. The rules vary from one to another, with slots being the simplest, while table games such as poker and blackjack are more complex.

In this text, we will cover the Aviator on BetPawa. These slots usually involve cashing out the prize, which grows larger for as long as a virtual plane is visible on the screen. In our article, we will describe how Aviator works on BetPawa and provide useful tips and detailed tutorials.

About BetPawa Games

BetPawa is a wagering platform that also provides some casino options. Unfortunately, if you live in Tanzania, the local version of the website doesn’t offer any BetPawa casino. Still, you can try to access them on other versions, such as the Uganda-based one.

The platform features a large list of games to play, ranging from poker and baccarat to simple slots. Overall, there are almost a hundred of them. The platform divides them into a few tabs, most notably “Table,” “Slots,” “Roulette,” and “Poker.” You can also select “All” and check out everything that the platform offers.

How to Play Aviator Game

How to Play Aviator Game BetPawa

BetPawa doesn’t have the “Aviator” game itself, but it offers a similar solution in this subgenre: JetX. The game works essentially the same: you will see a plane appear, and while it’s on-screen, your stake will continue multiplying. The idea is to click the button before the jet disappears. If you’re late, you will lose your winnings and the stake. 

Below are the steps covering how to play this game: 

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Log in since this game doesn’t have a preview version that would allow you to check the basic rules without signing in.
  3. Find the “Games” button on the menu on the left if you’re accessing the website from a desktop.
  4. Go to the “All” or “Other” tab.
  5. Click on the “JetX” button. The game is very popular, so it’s usually shown first.
  6. The game will start.
  7. Place your stake.
  8. Follow the rules: click the button before the plane disappears to receive the winnings.

Aviator Game Tips

While it would be difficult, if not impossible, to offer ways to win the JetX since gambling is mostly based on luck, there are some recommendations that we can provide to make your experience more enjoyable and reduce the risks. 

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Don’t Stake Big Sums

Gambling is already an activity where you have little control over the process unless it’s a game like a poker. So there’s no point in making the process even more risky, for example, by placing large sums. We recommend sticking to small stakes so that in case of a loss, the effect won’t be large. 

Avoid Waiting for Too Long

The longer you wait, the bigger the chances that the plane will go offscreen, leaving you at a loss. But waiting has its pros: the sum you might win constantly grows. So the idea is to have a balance, but we recommend not putting off clicking the button and doing so immediately after it seems that you will turn a profit. Any money is better than none at all, and this way, you will manage to both play it safe and see the returns. 


Conclusion BetPawa

Aviator and similar games have a certain level of popularity on wagering platforms. While BetPawa doesn’t offer this slot in its purest form, there’s a similar one called JetX. In this article, we’ve covered how it works and offered some tips that might help you reduce the risks when playing the game. Thankfully, the rules of the game are pretty straightforward, so we don’t think that you will experience any issues.


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Where to play Aviator?
There’s no BetPawa Aviator, but you can check the JetX one, which has pretty much identical rules.
How to play Aviator for Tanzanians?
Unfortunately, BetPawa doesn’t offer any games or casino options on its Tanzanian website. You can try using the Uganda-based version, but it comes with its own difficulties.
Can you win at BetPawa?
Yes, the platform is legit, and you can win money by playing games and slots on it, including JetX.