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The era of online sports betting continues to grow, attracting millions of new players every year. The reason for this is the rapid growth of online payment options, the convenience of sportsbooks, and, of course, a number of sporting events in various sports disciplines, including basketball. Today, you will learn the basics of betting on basketball and get our tips and basketball betting strategies from professionals. Yes, successful betting predictions require months of preparation, but here, you can get a brief guide on what to look for to improve your basketball betting skills.

Briefly About Basketball Predictions

Briefly About Basketball Predictions BetPawa

Basketball, as well as any other sport, requires you to know the main features of the sportsbook in order to make a proper bet. Sportsbook features include many parameters such as markets, bet types, odds, bet slips, stakes, etc. Each parameter is important, and to get the maximum out of your bet, you need to be aware of all the betting settings, taking into account each of these parameters. The tips below include our knowledge about basketball betting and the most common strategies. If you want to apply these tricks now, read the BetPawa tips page and start betting wisely.  

Tips for Single Bets 

Your first steps would be based on trying different betting schemes on single events. Singles are easier to predict because they have primitive options and are less risky. So, let us cover the main tips for single betting, taking into account tips for your bankroll, markets, and analytics. 

  • Research basketball games. When it comes to betting on future events, you have plenty of time to analyze the statistics of all participants, read betting forums, and gain insights into the games. So, become a fan of your sport, take a close look at the past head-to-head matchups, and check out the strengths and weaknesses of each team. 
  • Decide on your league. Do not try to bet on all leagues at the same time. Learn the one you like best, gather information about its clubs and players, and estimate each team’s championship chances. 
  • Understand the odds. Knowing the difference between odds and how to calculate them is an excellent skill. Working with odds allows you to predict outcomes more accurately. When using a decimal odds format, the numbers show the multiplier that is applied to your wager. The higher the odds, the larger the payout and the lower the probability of winning. 
  • Learn how the markets work. Betting markets are your most immediate tools. With betting markets, you place your bet and determine what outcome you think will happen. Knowing all the markets will help you create different strategies to maximize your bet with the most likely predicted markets. Today, you are presented with over 50 different markets for basketball. And usually, super special markets could be the key to your success. 

Tips for Accumulator Bets

Generally, all the tips described above for single betting can be applied to accumulator bets because an accumulator is just a type of bet with several single bets connected with each other. However, accumulator betting requires more knowledge about mechanics and sportsbook settings. Let us take a look at them.

  • Choose a reasonable number of selections. If you decide to add more risk to your bet and add more than one selection, you need to be aware of all the possible problems. Accumulator has higher odds and payouts. But the chances of winning decrease significantly with each new selection you add. So try to play with 2-3 selections at the most in the beginning. 
  • Use accumulator bonuses. Modern bookmakers offer accumulator bonuses. Basically, they add extra percentages to your winnings based on the number of selections you make. So, the more selections you make, the bigger the bonus. However, go back to the second tip and make sure you choose a reasonable number of games. 
  • Use a Cut bonus. Another way to take advantage of accumulators is to use a Cut 1 bonus, which can save your bet even if one of the games loses. For example, you have 3 selections, and only two of them win. With a cut bonus, you will be able to stay afloat and still take your winnings.

Basketball Betting Market Selection

Basketball Betting Market Selection BetPawa

If you decide to bet on basketball and you already have some possible games in mind, it is better to check the available betting markets. In general, betting markets set the outcomes that will bring you winnings.  They are the most important variables to initiate the bet. Therefore, the selection of the market is an absolutely crucial step. Check out the available basketball betting markets. 

Moneyline Basketball Betting Tips 

There is always a winner in a basketball game. Basketball is one of the games where there is no tie. Therefore, the game goes on until there is a winner. And money line markets help you pick the winner and the loser.  Basically, there is a term 1×2 that indicates the winner or a tie outcome. Since there is no tie, you are simply predicting who will win, the first team or the second team. 


The handicap gives an advantage to the underdog and takes away the power of the favorite. Therefore, it gives equal chances even if the teams are not equal. Fortunately, handicapping is also available for basketball games. To make your prediction strategy easier, you can open the sportsbook, find a game, and find the available handicap markets. For example, the handicap looks like +20 for the underdog and -20 for the favorite. So you can picture the game starting with 20 to 0. This advantage is calculated differently depending on the conditions of the teams.

Race to Bets 

It is an interesting addition to your betting experience. In Race to Bets, you have to predict which team will get to a given score faster. For example, in the Race to 10 markets, you pick the team that will score 10 points faster than the other team. You can race to 20, 30, or any other number. 

Betting on Quarters 

You can add more features to your bet by selecting a specific period. In other words, instead of predicting the result of the whole game, you can choose only the period and predict the result within this period. For example, it is possible to pick the winner of a specific quarter (12 minutes). Or try to predict who will score more points within a certain quarter. In this way, you can apply additional characteristics to your bet, such as specifying the period during which the bet will be active. 


If you are tired of betting on who will win, you can bet on the number of goals scored by one team or another. To set over/under bets, you need to use over/under variables. The bet looks like OV100.5, UN 165.5, or any other number. You aim to guess whether two teams will score over or under that amount. 

What to Consider When Betting on Basketball 

What to Consider When Betting on Basketball BetPawa

Sports betting is a sophisticated activity that requires the consideration of many factors. Below, you will find a list of essential tips and elements to consider when starting to bet on basketball. They will not only help you increase your winnings but also make your experience more enjoyable. 

Team Standings 

Modern sportsbooks provide in-depth information about upcoming games. You can check the standings as well as learn more statistics from previous games. Information from the past will help you to easily determine the conditions of the teams and thus understand the odds better. 

Current Team Line-up

Usually, club managers announce the current line-up for the upcoming match. You can find out about this on various sports forums. With this information, you will be able to know if strong players are on the field. For example, if some of your favorite players are injured or cannot participate in the match, there is a chance that the team will be less powerful. This could be a good opportunity to bet on the underdogs and get better odds. 

Compare Home and Away Teams 

One of the most important things to consider when betting is the location. The team that is visiting a different city is called the away team. The team playing on a familiar field is called the home team. And it is obvious that the home team has a big advantage because everything is familiar, the players are in a good mood, and the stands are full of local fans. So always check where the game is being played, as it can change your strategy significantly. 

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Conditions of Players 

Another factor that correlates with your prediction analysis is the ability of players to perform at their best. To do this, look at the various sports forums, search for player insights, or follow the social media of sports clubs and players. You might be the first to know about some injuries and unexpected situations. And if you are quick enough, you can place a bet with favorable odds. 

Monitor Statistics 

The reason why many players fail at basketball betting is because they do not follow the statistics of previous and head-to-head games. Sports data gives a clearer understanding of what might happen during the game. It also allows you to pick and bet on unique markets, such as the number of corners, falls, or offsides. 


Conclusion BetPawa

Basketball games are fun to bet on as long as you follow the rules and basketball peculiarities and try different markets. The tips we have mentioned cannot guarantee you 100% wins, but they will help you avoid the “beginner’s syndrome” and start making accurate predictions faster. In general, Basketball is a highly popular game that consists of many leagues. But always be aware of which league and which teams are playing. Do not ever pay attention to unknown teams with a lack of information. 


What are the most popular bets in basketball?
Basketball enthusiasts prefer to bet on the Money Line, Over/Under, and Handicap markets. But never try to guess the correct score.
Is basketball hard to bet on?
The difficulty depends on the market you choose. Basketball games can have scores over 100, so it is hard to predict the correct score. But after researching the stats and news, you can easily bet on the winner or on score-based markets using the over/under variable.
How do I bet on basketball and win every day?
By using the tips above, you can maximize your ability to win and minimize your losses. However, they cannot guarantee that you will win every day. Get more experience by analyzing the team's performance indicators.