BetPawa Basketball: How to Win Big

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In online betting, you can wager on many things. This can include the sports everyone knows and loves as well as lesser-known games like eSports and table games, and some websites even make you place your predictions on political events. Historically, soccer seems to be the king of sports among betting options. Every bookmaker allows punters to wager on it, and that shouldn’t surprise us: the game is insanely popular across the world. But basketball seems to be a close second. While we won’t think that it will ever dethrone soccer, the game has millions of fans across the world, and there are many bettors interested in basketball as well.

Our article will focus on BetPawa basketball wagering options. This is a small but rapidly growing bookmaker that works in many countries on the African continent, including Tanzania. We will check out the betting markets and types of bets, provide tutorials on how to place a wager, and even list some useful tips.

Briefly About BetPawa

BetPawa is one of the most visited sports betting websites in Tanzania, even though it was established quite recently and has only a limited number of sports betting opportunities. We would not suggest it to professionals and high rollers because it is primarily used and enjoyed by beginners due to how easy it is to navigate and understand.

Users of the platform currently have access to a wide variety of fun activities and games as well as sports betting on basketball and football. We can only hope that the business expands and adds more intriguing features.

List of Sports at BetPawa

List of Sports at BetPawa

BetPawa offers a lot of useful and impressive features to its users, but it limits the sports options only to two games: soccer and basketball. That might disappoint some newcomers, but we think that sticking to quality over quantity is a good strategy, especially for a small bookmaker. After all, there are many other things that the platform offers. But our article will focus specifically on BetPawa basketball options and features.

Types of Basketball Bets

Types of Basketball Bets

As we mentioned before, the platform has enough features for punters of all kinds. And that’s great since we like diverse options! Let’s take a look at what betting types betPawa offers for those who are wagering on basketball.

Basketball Free Bets

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t provide any promotions or bonuses for the Tanzanian market at the moment. This means that you can’t place free bets on basketball or football, for that matter. Things can change, but we shouldn’t count on it.

Basketball Bet of the Day

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the platform currently doesn’t offer any promotions. So there’s no Basketball Bet of the Day now, but we can hope for this option to appear in the near future.

Multiple Bet

Placing multiple wagers or accumulators is a normal and pretty standard feature that’s currently offered on every modern betting platform. Here’s how they work: you place more than one selection and hope that all of them will win. This type of wager is much riskier compared to single ones.

How to Bet on Basketball?

How to Bet on Basketball?

Now let’s move to the central aspect of our article. If you’ve been reading it, then you likely want to know how betPawa handles the wagering process itself. And you shouldn’t worry: everything is effortless and simple to understand. In the paragraphs below, we will provide a detailed guide on how to place a basketball bet.

Step-by-step instruction

Try it
  1. Visit BetPawa Tanzania

    Just go to the website. The correct address is Make sure you visit this one.

  2. Log In

    Click on the “Login” button that you can find in the top-right corner of the screen. Enter your phone number and password.

  3. Change the Sport to Basketball

    On the top left part of the screen, there’s a drop-down menu that’s set to football by default. Change it to basketball. These are the only two sports that the platform supports.

  4. Click “Upcoming” or “Live Now”

    The latter is for in-play wagering, while the former is for pre-match activities. Depending on your needs, click on one of those buttons.

  5. Find the Event and Select the Market

    After clicking “Upcoming” or “Live Now,” you will see the list of events you can bet on. Next to it are moneylines that you can place your wagers on. If you want to check more markets, and there are enough reasons for that since the platform offers many of them, simply click on the event to see a full list of your betting options. They include odd/evens, over/unders, handicaps, quarters, and game results.

  6. Click on the Odds, Loading the Game onto the Betslip

    The betslip will appear on the right part of the page. You can enter your stake there, check possible winnings, customize the options, and so on.

  7. Enter the Stake

    Just input the amount you’re planning to wager. If you’re new to betting, we recommend sticking to smaller sums. And it’s always better not to place more than you can afford to lose without any issues.

  8. Click “Place Bet”

    After doing so, you can wait for the results of the game. Alternatively, place more predictions since the platform supports multiple bets.

How to Win

To place a successful basketball bet, you need to be a profound enthusiast who knows many specifics of the sport and constantly monitors the news from this section. However, it is only one side of the coin. If you are a beginner interested in betting on basketball, you can start by reading expert posts devoted to the topic and grab some tips that can help you win. Also, you can try various basketball betting strategies scattered all across the global web. Punters use them so often that you would spend seconds retrieving some of the top tactics.

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Tips You Need to Know for Basketball Predictions

BetPawa Tips You Need to Know for Basketball Predictions

Basketball is a well-researched game, and so is betting on it. There’s plenty of information, statistics, analytics, and other types of data that you can use to improve your results. Sure, there’s always an element of luck, and in wagering, it’s quite easy to ignore it. But there are enough things that you have some control over. Below, we will provide some of the tips that can help you get consistently better at basketball wagering.

  • Get Familiar with Basketball

The game doesn’t have difficult rules, so understanding how everything works is the minimum that you can do. Since this is a popular sport, there’s plenty of information about everything, so if you want to go deeper, understand the nuances, and watch historically important games, Nothing is stopping you from learning more about it.

  • Back the Bookmaker’s Favorites

If a betting platform seems to highlight a certain result or provides quite low odds on it, then you better not ignore it. The higher the odds, the less likely the market is to win, according to different calculations. So betting on low ones means that your wager is safe. And that’s a great thing to include in your long-term strategy.

  • Keep Up to Date with the Form of the team.

Basketball is a team sport, so the performance depends on many players and how they play together. Things can change quickly, and if they had good results in one season, that doesn’t mean that the next one will be equally great. Nevertheless, famous teams try to keep their performances at high levels.

Before you place a bet, check the current events and understand the form of both playing teams. Don’t base your predictions on previous seasons. Actually, we recommend keeping up with recent games to have a clear picture.

  • Consider the Motivation of Teams and Players

If you’re betting on the game’s total score, keep in mind how motivated the players are to win and understand the possible intensity of the upcoming game. This doesn’t always mean much for moneylines, but it’s important for score predictions.

  • Learn Bankroll Management

Probably the most important way to reduce your risks is to learn how to use your money. Planning a budget, setting aside a sum that will go solely for betting, and planning things for a month or two. Understanding how to spend your money and not going overboard will be very helpful in both the long and short run.


BetPawa Conclusion

While reading many articles on the betting process, you might start thinking that there’s only football and some eSports. But that couldn’t be further from the truth: there are many other disciplines, and some of them are popular for wagering. In this text, we covered how to place basketball predictions on betPawa Tanzania.

We provided useful betting tips, listed available betting types, and even included a detailed tutorial on how to place a prediction. You can also check the FAQ questions to get the answers. This text can be very helpful for players new to basketball wagering or betting in general.


Is it legal to bet on basketball online?
Yes, betting is legal in Tanzania, including on basketball.
How to know if basketball betting tips are reliable?
Most of the betting recommendations can be applied to any sport, including basketball. The ones we listed in our article mainly focus on risk reduction and learning more about the game.
How does basketball betting work?
Basketball wagering is similar to betting on other sports. You place your stake in the preferred market in the event you’re interested in, wait for the results, and either win or lose. And that’s all. The game features relatively simple rules, so there are no hidden caveats, but we recommend getting familiar with the rules of the game before you start wagering.
What sports can you bet on?
BetPawa Tanzania only features two sports for wagering: football and basketball. The platform makes up for a limited number of disciplines with many other features.