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Betting our days is a way to entertain and win some money online. Betting shops are becoming obsolete, and we are slightly moving to the Internet to bet on our favorite sports from the convenience of the home. The advantages of Internet betting are a variety of sports games and betting odds. That’s why football, the most popular sport to watch and bet on, has the largest number of betting options in modern sportsbooks. And, sometimes, it’s getting complicated to follow all the changes, be aware of all the football betting options, and how to place bets on football. Below is a page where we discuss the basic rules of football betting, its types, and other information you should know if you are betting for the first time.

About Football Betting

betpawa About Football Betting

It’s hard to imagine a modern sportsbook without numerous football events. There are no sportsbooks that do not offer a range of football betting options to place the perfect bet on various football leagues these days. Football leagues are known worldwide, and millions of fans are watching the thrilling events in tournaments: 

  • World Cup
  • English Premier League
  • LaLiga
  • Bundesliga
  • EFL Championship and others. 

All players have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, the goal of a modern sportsbook is to offer several types of bets, different markets, and live and accumulator bets to keep us interested. When we talk about the rules of football betting, it’s important to talk about betting markets. That’s because they determine the outcome you need to get in order to win the bet. So let’s take a closer look at football betting rules and markets. 

What You Need to Know

betpawa What You Need to Know

Betting is always a game of chance. There are no strategies, techniques, or tips that can guarantee you a 100% win. However, some techniques can significantly increase your payout rate. Payouts are determined by the odds. The higher the odds of the bet, the more multiplier you get on your bet. For example, if the odds are 2.0, your bet will be multiplied two times. The odds depend on many factors. Odds on games and outcomes are set by the bookmaker. However, you can adjust them by choosing the market and the number of legs and using the odds boost bonus. 

Are the Rules Different in Each Country?

Football betting differs from country to country. And most of the differences are about legislation. Some countries have limitations on some types of betting, and as a result, this kind of entertainment is illegal in some countries. So, you have to be aware of the regulations in your place. Other than that, rules on football betting are similar. You still have the same betting markets, types, and sports matches. But, for instance, odds can vary from one sportsbook to another. And some bettors benefit from so-called arbitrage betting. But it’s not the topic of today’s discussion. 

What Are the Basic Rules for Football Betting

betpawa What Are the Basic Rules for Football Betting

The goal of any bettor is to predict the outcome of the selected bet correctly. You determine the events that will lead you to win. Therefore, to place the bet, you need to search through the available betting markets and choose the one that you think will bring you the win. Let’s go over some of the basic rules and how to understand the differences between the markets. 

Goal Scorer Rules 

Goals scored by your favorite teams or players are the most fascinating part of the game. However, the goal scorer rule means that you are betting on the player who will score a goal in a certain period of time. Whether it will be the first goal scorer of the match, the last goal scorer, or any time goalscorer. Basically, you pick the player who has a chance to score and the time frame in which he has to score. But, if the chosen player isn’t in the line-up of the team, your bet will be refunded. 

  • First goalscorer. It refers to the football player who scores the first goal of the match before anyone else. The first goalscorer bet is not limited in time. So, your chosen player can score at any time of the match. But he must be the first. 
  • Last goalscorer. You will only be rewarded if the selected player scores the last goal. The requirements are similar to the first goal scorer, where the goal can be scored at any time during the match. For example, the last goal can be scored in the 10th minute of the match. And the match ends with a score of 1:0, and you still win the bet of the last scorer. 
  • Anytime goalscorer. This refers to the players who can score at any time and can be the first, last, or middle scorer. Basically, it does not matter when the chosen player scores. As a result, this bet is the simplest of the three and has the lowest odds.

Corner Betting 

This betting market refers to all bets related to corners. In general, there are many examples and types of bets on corners. However, many players consider Corner Betting to be just a fun game because, for example, the chances of guessing the number of corners during the game are almost impossible. That’s partly true. But, there are more corner betting markets to study. 

  • Total corners. Trying to predict the number of corners in a match is not easy. However, some bettors love the thrill of such risky decisions, especially when they know the odds are high. Less risky players, on the other hand, prefer to place over/under totals on corners. It’s easier to win the bet. 
  • Corner Match Bet. This simple bet is extremely popular because you have to guess which team will have more corners. Unlike total bets, where you are predicting the exact score, here you are picking whether the first or second team will get more corners. It’s easier to guess, but the odds are lower. 

First Goal Betting

Unlike the goal scorer rule, where you bet on the player who scores first, first goal betting is about the method of the first goal. The market answers the question of how the first goal was scored. And it does not matter which player scores. In general, there are several methods to get the ball in the gates. 

  • Shot 
  • Free kick 
  • Penalty 
  • Header
  • No goal
  • Own goal 

Each of the methods has different odds and chances. For instance, free kick and own goal have the highest odds because the probability of such events is extremely low. Such a market is perfect for punters who want to add some randomness to their bets or do not know the teams and still wish for some action. 

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Betting on the score-based markets is always fun. Over/Under is a great example of such a bet where the risk is not so high, but the fun is absolute. This market refers to a bet where you have to guess the score of a certain period of the game according to the over/under scheme. Let’s say you suppose that the match will end with less than 3 goals in total. This means that both teams will score 0,1,2 goals together. So your bet looks like UN2.5. 

Various Scorer Bets

betpawa Various Scorer Bets

These are more complex markets that are not even related to one match. They are outside one game, for example, the top scorer of the whole season. Many national and international leagues allow betting on the best scorer of the league, and this is a typical example of a long-term bet. While the biggest part of scorer bets are related to one match, such as: 

  • Scorer in regular time. 
  • 1st scorer of the match.
  • Last score.
  • Players score first, and their team wins.
  • Players score two or more goals.
  • Players score three or more goals. 

The beauty of these markets is that there are so many different events to bet on. Score-based betting is very popular at top sportsbooks and keeps even the most experienced players interested. You may be bored with the classic 1×2 or DC markets, and betting on the players to score the first goal and win the match will make your experience more enjoyable and profitable. 

How to Read Soccer Betting Lines

betpawa How to Read Soccer Betting Lines

Soccer is a game with multiple outcomes. Betting lines are bets placed on the outcomes of football games. If you think the home team will win, you bet on the home team. If you think both teams have an equal chance, you pick the draw. That’s what money lines are for. In fact, a football betting line bet is the easiest to place. Your payout depends on the odds of the underdog or favorite team. There are two parties. The underdogs have the lowest odds and payouts, and the favorites have the lowest odds and payouts. That’s because the favorite is more likely to win. This is the easiest way to read football betting lines. Look at the number on the money line. If you see the odd number 3.56 for the home team to win and the odd number 1.24 for the away team to win, the home team has more chances to win.


betpawa Conclusion

The rules of football betting are crucial to know when starting the journey. We’ve covered the main betting markets that determine the outcomes that bring a win to the bet, money lines, and popular goalscorer rules. Now you can try different options, such as betting on the corners to place score-based bets. Some of them are riskier but offer higher payouts. Others may not be as lucrative but have a higher chance of winning. It’s a good idea to mix and match different markets to grow and learn how to maximize your winning strategy.


How do I win a 1X2 bet?
Using a 1x2 betting market means picking the winner of the home team, the away team, or a draw. You win if you correctly predict one of the three outcomes.
How do you win a football match bet?
Consider the odds, choose your preferred betting market, and pick one of the outcomes.
What are the rules of betting?
To win the bet, you need to predict the outcome and choose the right betting options. There are score-based bets, result-based bets, 1x2 bets, match bets, DC bets, and others.
How do you know which team is going to win?
Take into account the statistics of the previous games. Look at the head-to-head results and odds to see who is the favorite and who is the underdog.