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What Is a Booking Code on BetPawa

What Is a Booking Code on BetPawa

Generally speaking, a booking code, also known as a booking number or a betting code, is a code or number you generate on a bookmaker’s website after choosing the games you plan to bet on or want to send to someone else. It is a unique set of digits and letters used to identify your bets quickly.

Common Booking Codes for All Betting Markets

1a bet on the home team to win the match
2a bet on the away team to win the game
Xa bet on a draw

How to Create a Bet

Betpawa: How to Create a Bet

We created a short guide on how to bet in betPawa. Follow the simple steps below.

Launch BetPawa

Open the BetPawa website and choose the “Live Now” or “Upcoming” tab to place your wager on a live event or select a pre-match bet, respectively.

Select Bet Details

Choose your sport in the drop-down menu, and select the event and the betting market.

Once the bet slip appears, add your desired stake.

Confirm Your Bet

Double-check all the details and click “Place Bet.”

Meanings of Specials Bets

betpawa: Meanings of Specials Bets

Anyone new to betting will quickly understand there is a certain language to it; this language must be well-understood before accessing a bookmaker’s website. The same goes for using a betting app, visiting a bookmaker’s office, or making a wager during a live race or event. You must be familiar with the terminology to proceed with confidence. The key vocabulary used in betting can be mastered within a short period of time and will be handy for years because the terms are frequently used. So, if you want to learn the ropes of betting terminology, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we will explain some of the most popular betting markets. Before placing a specific bet, read the BetPawa rules and regulations.

Most Popular Special Bets

Sports betting markets are king in the realm of online wagering. They help you choose which forecast to make for a specific sport, as was previously said. Make sure you choose the appropriate sports betting markets if you intend to engage in fixed odds betting. They’ll make things easier and improve your odds of selecting the best potential outcomes. Additionally, consider popular sports betting markets because they typically provide appealing fixed odds. 

What Is Double Chance in Bets

A double chance wager, which covers two potential outcomes in the same game and lowers your risk of losing while increasing your chances of winning, is one of the most common wager kinds available today. When placing a BetPawa double chance wager, we choose two of the match’s three possible outcomes, increasing our chance of winning from 33.3% to 66.6%. 

Although it also appears in sports where a draw is possible such as handball or rugby, it is widespread in football. This is an exciting alternative for sports betting, particularly when your favorite team’s odds of winning the game are quite low. Placing a wager on a different outcome of the same game effectively gives the wager a specific margin of error.

Double Chance Codes

Double chance wagers come in three variations explained below. This market is a simple one to understand. The basic code for a double chance wager is DC.

1Xa bet on the home win or draw; the away victory loses the bet
X2a bet on the away win or draw; the home victory loses the wager
12a bet on the home or away victory; a draw loses the bet

What Is a Handicap in Soccer Betting?

So, what is handicap in soccer betting? Handicap operates similarly to an outright wager. The main difference is the fact that the teams do not start with a 0-0 score. For the sake of the bet, one of the teams will be given an advantage or a disadvantage. A handicap wager works by adding or deducting points from a team to give it a lead or a disadvantage for that specific game. To generate a shot that is almost a coin flip for both teams, the bookmaker tries to create a market where any advantage of one team over the other is minimized. 

Handicap Codes

Handicap betting is a tough market. It can be hard to estimate the outcome of the game with handicaps, adding or subtracting goals or points. Before you start placing your handicap wagers, you need to understand how this market works fully. A handicap betting in football looks as follows:

  • Arsenal +1
  • Newcastle -1

If the total number of goals is zero for both teams, a handicap wager on Arsenal winning at +1 will win, and that goal will be added to the final score. The ultimate result would be Arsenal — 1, Newcastle — 0.

You can see other popular markets with their booking codes below:

  • Draw No Bet (DNB)
  • Over/ Under (O/U)
  • Half-time/ Full-time (HT/FT)
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

What Does Draw No Bet Mean In Soccer Betting?

What is draw no bet meaning in football? We are glad you asked. It’s a particularly safe type of wager in which you win if a team on which you stake wins, but your bet is refunded if the game ends in a draw. If your chosen team loses, however, the stake is considered lost as well.

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How to Use BetPawa Booking Code

How to Use BetPawa Booking Code

We will guide you through the process, which is very straightforward, by the way.

Open the Website

Launch the BetPawa website and navigate to the right side of the screen.

Enter Your Booking Code

Add your booking code in the relevant field and click “Load” to proceed. Your bets will pop up on your slip. 

BetPawa Booking Codes: Terms and Conditions

To check the actual codes for BetPawa betting markets, launch the BetPawa website and navigate to the bottom of the webpage. Open the section “Rules” and find the market of your choice. BetPawa provides detailed information and rules on each market available.

Existing Customer Offers and Promotions

BetPawa offers several bonuses and promo deals to its customers. Since the bookie doesn’t list a separate promo section on its website, you can contact the BetPawa customer support team to find out the available offers. Bear in mind that all incentives come with wagering requirements you need to complete to redeem your bonus. 

Before applying for an award, read its terms and conditions.


BetPawa: Conclusion

BetPawa booking codes are a great feature that enables punters to create their bets and get a code to decipher them. The code consists of all the fixtures of the created bet in the form of digits and letters. It may be tricky to figure out all the codes straight away; however, we suggest that you take your time and go with the flow. You will master the terminology quite quickly if you start betting online.

Use our tips above and do not hesitate to contact BetPawa customer care services if you face certain issues while figuring out your wagers.


Is there a BetPawa booking code?
Yes, there is. You can see your Betpawa booking code in your bet slip after you make your selections and place your wager. Booking codes give you the cool option to share your wagers with friends via a multitude of media platforms, including social media (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and email). When you provide the code to your pals, they will just use it to place their own wagers. You can also find out if your bet has won by using your booking code. Just open the BetPawa website and enter the code in the relevant field.
Can I have more than one active booking code?
The number of your codes is equal to the number of your wagers. So yes, you can have several active booking codes.
Can I wager the free bet on any sport?
In most cases, you can wager your free bet on any sport of your choice. However, it’s better to check the terms and conditions of your free bet to wager it properly. Betpawa, as well as most bookmakers, shares detailed rules and conditions applicable to each of the promo offers.