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The betting industry is growing significantly fast, introducing systems, features, sports, and betting options. Especially in African countries, punters are keen on betting on various sports, especially football. In general, football is the most popular sport for betting and watching. Therefore, betting sites create the perfect infrastructure for football bettors, including fascinating betting options, favorable odds, and a convenient sportsbook to place bets. However, betting is a controversial activity that requires you to implement some strategies to increase your chances of winning. That’s why we have prepared the article with all the popular and unpopular betting systems and strategies, tips for successful betting on football, and how the football wagering industry works in general.

About Football Betting

Betpawa About Football Betting

Football and betting together are an attractive and profitable activity as long as there are interesting games and you know what and how to bet. Since football is the most popular sport in the world, all modern sportsbooks offer many options to make your experience enjoyable. In general, your betting goal is to predict the outcomes you choose correctly. There can be completely different outcomes that are determined by the wagering markets. The betting market is the tool you use to bet, as it sets the outcomes for your prediction. In addition, football is the sport with the largest number of matches, and your chances of predicting the results will strictly depend on the league and the team. So, let’s check the benefits of wagering on football today: 

  • Entertainment. Add a little spice to your sports experience. 
  • Make money. Experienced bettors can make money. 
  • Convenience. Betting is very accessible. You can bet from your computer or mobile device.

So if you’re looking for all of these benefits, read on. We’ll find out what strategies will help you make predictions easily. What systems do professional bettors use? And we’ll find out what’s the difference between a normal/beginner bettor and a professional who uses these strategies.

Which Are the Best, Proven Football Betting Systems & Strategies?

Betpawa Which Are the Best, Proven Football Betting Systems & Strategies?

Betting is like a game. You master your playing skills over time. You gain experience as you play. Also, as you play the game, you learn the rules and techniques on how to get better statistics and be more valuable to your team members. Similarly, you can be more profitable in betting by learning the techniques, systems and applying the tips from the experts. So let’s take a look at the proven football wagering systems. 

Arbitrage Betting: Proven Football Betting System That Works

Arbitrage is a popular word these days, meaning that you make money without taking any risk. In betting, it means betting on the same event at two different bookmakers with opposite outcomes to guarantee a profit. This only works if the two bookmakers have different odds. For example, a game is about to take place. Two bookmakers offer the same event but have different odds. You bet on both and guarantee the profit. Or, if the odds are extremely close, you may get the break-even points and have no losses. The tricky part of this strategy is the difficulty in finding these games. There are some monitoring resources you can follow. Or you can create your own system. Advantages and disadvantages of the arbitrage betting system: 

  • Guaranteed win or at least avoiding the loss. 
  • Hard to find these matches. 
  • Your account can be limited. 

As a result, arbitrage is a real technique that many players benefit from. But it requires a lot of time to find the games and a big budget to win at least some money because the odds are rather low.

Value Betting

Value is a term that many experienced bettors and traders are familiar with. Value is an indicator that shows how much the game is undervalued. In other words, the odds of the bet are less than its true value. The probability of the outcome is higher than what the odds in the sports book say. The key idea is to learn how to find such matches, evaluate their real probability, and compare them with the odds. If the match is undervalued, you should definitely bet on it. 

  • There’s an economic term – expected value. 
  • If you decide to bet on a coin toss, the probability of each side landing is 50%. 
  • Therefore, the odds would be 2.0. 
  • But let’s say your friend offers you to bet on the Tail, which has an odds of 2.2. 
  • After a quick calculation, this means that the value is higher than the probability. Therefore, this bet is worth considering.

Football Betting System Based on Statistics

All outcomes can be predicted using the statistical approach. Mathematics is a science that studies statistics and how to use them for predictions. However, to bet on football, you don’t need to be a mathematician. You just need to learn how to analyze the past statistics of football matches and be quick. This system is one of the most difficult because you have to work really hard to predict the results of the game using statistics. What to check for statistics analysis of previous matches: 

  • Seasonal Conditions 
  • Relevant Seasonal Form (Home vs. Away)
  • Recent Form
  • Recent Relevant Form (Home vs. Away)
  • Relevant Form (vs. teams of x performance, including Home vs. Away)
  • Relevant Head-to-Head Results (no longer than 3 years previous)

Collecting and analyzing information from sports databases is the most difficult but the most valuable technique. You can start with a basic analysis of head-to-head matches, including the number of corners, goals, fouls, passing accuracy, and others. Don’t be lazy, do the analysis. 

Example of Football Betting Strategy Based on Statistics:

Let us take the example of collecting stats. First, find the appropriate database of soccer matches. Make the analysis of several head-to-head matches by writing down the number of fouls, goals, corners, accuracy statistics, number of attacks, etc. Open the live game and compare the current matches with the past ones. Watch the game and make a quick bet when you think the time is right. Try the technique with different databases and create the perfect strategy. 

Follow Tipsters With a Good Football Betting Strategy

Another strategy is to find someone’s finished strategy. This may sound like the easiest strategy, but in fact, hundreds of tipsters on the Internet have no background in betting and have only a guessing and unfair approach. Such “experts” usually sit in the telegram channels and create their betting platforms. Your goal is to find the right tipster with a great background and huge experience in sports betting. How to check? Compare the real games with their winning history. And check if they delete their history or not. Take photos of their history and compare all the matches in that period. 

Matched Betting: Simple Football Betting Strategy

This system works closely with arbitrage betting, where you pick two bookmakers and bet on both of them. Matched betting is a 100% guaranteed win if you follow the steps correctly. First, you need to find the arbitrage matches with odds at least close to zero. Claim the bonus at the bookmaker where the odds are higher and use the bonus credits for the bet. If you lose the bet with the bonus credits, it’s okay. If you win the bet for real money, that’s good too. So it’s a win-win situation. The only tricky part is hidden in the bonus wagering requirements. Check the terms and conditions of the bonus before you accept it. 

Price Boost Betting in Football Betting

Some bookies have extensive bonus sections. There are not only welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses but also boost bonuses that increase your odds. That’s also welcomed for arbitrage bettors who are looking for increased odds. Basically, you bet the same amount on one event on two different bookies but on opposite outcomes and win with a higher chance. Usually, the bookie offers a boost bonus of 15-20% on your odds. 

Normal Bettor vs. One That Follows a Smart Football Betting Technique

Every bettor is looking for ways to improve their odds, but not many actually apply the techniques. Bettors who follow smart techniques obviously have higher odds of winning. A bookmaker is a business. A player is a customer. The bookmaker makes money from the bettor. That’s obvious. But some players can also be called competitors to the bookies. Beginners are usually just customers. While the experienced players are closer to the competitors because they take money from the bookmakers. A bettor who uses smart techniques is considered a competitor. As a result, they make more money than they give. All in all, smart players follow the odds, make correct bets, and avoid stupid rash decisions. 

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Betpawa Conclusion 

If you ask what the best betting systems are, it would be hard to answer. That’s because all techniques are different and suitable for different betting purposes. Arbitrage may sound like a great idea, but it’s difficult to find bookmakers with completely different odds, and there’s a chance of getting banned. The statistics approach is really beneficial as you make your own decisions based on statistics. Value betting is good, but you need to master odds calculation and be able to understand the difference between probability and odds. So the advice is to try them all and decide which one you can adapt faster. 


What is the best betting strategy for football?
There are many strategies to use. Try value betting and arbitrage betting to see which works best for you.
What is the safest bet on a football?
Football betting is intense and offers several betting markets. One of the safest is Double Chance, as you are betting on two outcomes at the same time.
How do I bet on football and win every day?
Read football news, apply betting strategies, and use money management tools. Avoid stupid and rash decisions. Don't try to win back.
What is the best option for football betting?
The easiest way to make a prediction is to stick to individual pre-match bets and choose the DC market.