What Is Halftime/Fulltime Bet?

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Bookmaker platforms offer a wide variety of options, and you need to understand all the nuances to choose the right markets. In this article, we will tell you about the features of HT/FT bets.

Betting Terminology: Key Terms in Glossary

Undoubtedly, one article is insufficient to understand all the concepts you will encounter on a bookmaker’s website. Therefore, read our article about the main sports betting terms. Start your self-education with basic terms and gradually go deeper into the details.

What Is a Halftime/Fulltime Bet?

It is a two-in-one bet. You simultaneously make two predictions: one on the result of the first part of the match and the second on the outcome of the entire game.

Halftime/Fulltime Betting Strategies: Tips and Tricks

If you have previously used double-chance bets, you will quickly understand this market, but in this case, you are betting on one team. The HT/FT market is best used in live betting when you can see how events are developing on the field. In addition, it is wiser to bet on the favorite, who will lead by the end of the first half.

Remember that this market does not include overtime.

Examples of Halftime/Fulltime Bets

Let’s say you choose a match in which the favorite Team 1 significantly outperforms the visiting Team 2. Then, it is logical to bet on the outcome of Home Lead (1) – Home Win (1). If the forces are approximately equal, but you believe in the home team’s victory, then choose Draw (X) – Home Win (1).

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The Most Popular Sports to Bet On

It is a reasonably rare market, which is almost never found in low-demand sports. With many bookmakers, you will only find this market in football betting.


Conclusion BetPawa

The HT/FT market contains two rates simultaneously, requiring accurate forecasting. You must predict the result of the first half and the entire game to win.


Should I Bet On Halftime/Full-Time Markets?
If you are confident in your predictions, you can choose this market to increase your potential winnings.
How old must I be to bet on Half Time and Full-Time markets?
As with any other bet, you must be over 18.
Is it difficult to win at Half Time and Full-Time Bets?
This bet is riskier than a regular single bet, making it more challenging to win.