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If you want to try betPawa Tanzania but don’t know how betting works on this platform, you’ve come to the right place!

All secrets come out in this post: how you can place stakes, what a betPawa booking code is, how you can calculate your potential wins, and much, much more. 

Briefly About BetPawa

BetPawa company is a recently established betting website that was founded in 2014 by Kresten Buch. Despite being a relatively new platform, it has already become popular among locals and is continuing to develop positively by incorporating more and more betting options.

The website is currently accessible in many African nations and is quite well-liked despite the fact that it only provides a very small selection of opportunities. Because it is so easy to use and navigate, beginners are the ones who use it the most. 

How to Wager: A Step-by-Step Guide

Betpawa: How to Wager: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is never too late to wager. So it’s best to get acquainted with the bookmaker first and carefully study its offerings, such as sports, tournaments, countries, and betting markets.

Not sure what to choose? Go to “POPULAR.”

Want the game to be as fair and unbiased as possible? Select “VIRTUAL SPORTS.”

Wish to watch a match and bet on the fly? Welcome to “LIVE NOW.”

How to Wager on the Site

  1. Head to BetPawa.
  2. Sign up using the “JOIN NOW” button.
  3. Log in with the same credentials.
  4. Decide on a sport, match, and market.
  5. Click on one or more selections.
  6. Enter the amount of your stake.
  7. Press the “PLACE BET” button.

By hitting “Check out the details here,” you can check your betPawa bet ID, payout, tax, and other related information.  

On the same webpage, you can also use the cashout feature and request a payout without waiting for the actual outcome of the match.

How to Wager via the App

  1. Open the bookie’s website and select “MENU.”
  2. Tap “DOWNLOAD APP” and follow the prompts.
  3. Register and sign in to the installed application.

And then, follow steps 4 to 7 of how to bet in betPawa on the site.

Once you know how to wager, you may get interested in how to check your bet history and how to delete settled bets in betPawa.

You can look into the history of your wagers in “MY BETS” in the app’s menu.

As for deleting the history, this feature is on the company’s roadmap and will hopefully be implemented soon.

Minimum and Maximum Stake

Every sports betting website has minimum and maximum limits to manage the flow of cash on the platform. It goes without saying that these restrictions are established only to make the activity of users and the website itself more secure and avoid any fraudulent activity on the platform. The BetPawa maximum stake is not restricted at the moment, whereas the minimum stake is 16 TZS. 

Betting Tips and Rules at BetPawa in Tanzania

Betting Tips and Rules at BetPawa in Tanzania

Although the wagering procedure is simple and ordinary, the above instructions may not always be enough. 

Here are some rules and life hacks to help Tanzanian punters better understand how to play betPawa gambling activities successfully.

Pros and Cons of Betting With BetPawa

Simplicity is one of the main advantages of the sportsbook. Everything is as straightforward as possible. That’s why the platform is especially convenient for newbies. 

Among the most enticing perks are the play-for-free betPawa Pawa6 contest, 1000% Win Bonus, tiny bets starting at 1 Tanzanian shilling, and immediate payouts.

The jackpot competitions will not leave anyone indifferent. Largely thanks to the tremendous cash prizes: the betPawa maximum winning at Pick17 – 1X2 is TZS 200,000,000.

However, the bookie’s minimalism in sports and promos might turn off advanced Tanzanian players. The absence of casino games may also be disadvantageous. 

And the site has no live chat, which is a really convenient way to contact customer support.

  • Clean user interface
  • Plenty of markets
  • Minimal wagers
  • Quick payments
  • Virtual sports
  • Light mobile app
  • Lucrative jackpots
  • Huge multibet bonus
  • Free to play Pawa6
  • Cashout function
  • News and stats section
  • Not many sports
  • Lack of promotions
  • No casino section
  • No live chat
  • No iOS app

Best Sports to Bet on in Tanzania

The Tanzanian sportsbook is mainly represented by football, basketball, and virtual matches. 

In each category, you’ll find a wealth of leagues and events held on a national and international scale.

In addition, there’s a slew of betting options. Some are in the table below.

Football markets1X2/ Over/Under/ 2-way Handicap/ 3-way Handicap/ Double Chance/ Both Teams To Score/ Correct Score/ Draw No Bet
Basketball marketsMoneyline/ 1X2/ Over/Under/ Odd/Even/ 2-way Handicap/ Match Winner and Totals
Virtual soccer markets1X2/ Over/Under/ Double Chance/ Half Time/Full Time/ Both Teams To Score

To understand which selections are the best to wager on, take a closer look at the extensive “Rules” section, where the bookmaker thoroughly explains all gaming nuances.

How Do You Add Selections to the Betslip?

You can add either single or multiple selections to your online betPawa ticket. Multiples may contain up to 60 predictions.

We touched on adding selections in the step-by-step guide above. Now, it’s time for more details.  

Once you enter a sports category — soccer, basketball, or virtuals — you need to search and pick the desired selection or selections by scrolling through the list of available matches.

As soon as you click on a specific betting market with odds, it’s automatically added to the betslip on the right if you use the desktop website.

You can open your ticket in the mobile app or site by tapping the icon next to the menu.

How Do You Remove Selections?

If you’ve added a number of selections but change your mind and decide to remove something from your betslip, it’s very easy to do.

To delete an event from your online ticket, just click on the cross symbol to the left of the particular game. 

If you want to remove all selections from the ticket, choose “Clear Betslip.” 

Also, there is a nice feature called booking code. As you pick it, the system generates a unique code for your selections.

You can copy this code, paste it later into a special field of an empty betslip, and thus load your previously selected events.

Then you can finalize the bet and get its ID by specifying the amount and pushing the button. 

How Do You Calculate Your Winnings and Odds?

The great news is that you don’t have to calculate anything yourself.

BetPawa experts search and analyze data, scrutinize statistics, utilize checker tools, and, finally, provide the most favorable odds.

The bookmaker uses decimal odds that indicate your total wins at a stake of TZS 1.

As soon as you enter the amount of your stake, all the necessary values are calculated below, including:

  • Potential winnings;
  • Withholding tax;
  • Payout.

Winning Strategies at BetPawa in Tanzania

BetPawa Tanzania is a professional sportsbook that even non-professionals can use to become winners.

The company assists punters in implementing certain betting strategies that boost their chances of success.

Choose only legitimate sites.It operates legally under a license.
Be at home with all betting markets.It explains in detail each bet type with examples.
Wager only small amounts of money.It has a very low minimum stake threshold.
Diversify your bets and try new ones.It provides the widest range of betting options.
Be kept up-to-date on sports.It posts the latest news and key events on the site.
Benefit from special offers and bonuses.It offers a huge multibet bonus and free contests.

Bottom Line

Betpawa: Bottom Line

Let’s bottom line and see if all the information about playing at betPawa in Tanzania is in place.

  • Available sports: Check.
  • Betting markets: Check.
  • Steps on how to bet: Check.
  • Platform advantages: Check.
  • Odds and winnings: Check.

It looks like nothing has been left out. So now, it’s up to you. Dare and win!

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How to Check Ticket ID

If you want to discover how to check ticket id on BetPawa then we’ve got you covered. The ID of your bet slip is basically an alphanumeric combination that permits both users and the platform to identify your bet slip on the website. It can be easily found by signing into your personal account and going to the My Bets section of the website.

How to Delete Settled Bets in BetPawa

Every user of the platform has asked himself how to delete settled bets in BetPawa at least once. It will not take much time to complete this process, which is actually quite simple. You only need to find and click on Clear Browsing Data after navigating to the website’s Privacy and Security section. 

After that, a pop-up window with various options for data deletion will appear. To delete all relevant information, including your account-settled betting history, make sure all the checkboxes are selected. 

Briefly About Pawa6 

Pawa6 is a very entertaining betting activity on the BetPawa platform. That’s basically a game with a different round every other weekend where you simply need to predict the scores of 6 different matches chosen by the platform. Making BetPawa Pawa6 predictions is more profitable and enjoyable than simply betting on random matches, which is why many users appreciate it. Also, you can win up to 337,706 TZS, which is definitely worth the time.

Briefly About the Meaning of the Booking Code

If you haven’t heard about the BetPawa booking code option, then we’ll explain it to you. Basically, a booking code is an alphanumeric combination that permits you to identify your bet slip as the ticket ID. It can be used to track your bet slip and identify it, but it can also be used to share it with other users. 


What does 1X2 mean in betPawa?
The bookie also calls this market Match Result or 3-way. The goal here is to guess the result of a football match at the end of regular time, choosing between a host team’s win, a tie, and a visiting team’s victory.
How do you play games on betPawa?
Join the bookie using your mobile number, top up your balance through a mobile money service, select a game you like, and stake on it. You can track your wager in “MY BETS” by its ID.
What is the maximum amount you can win in betPawa?
There are no limits on the sportsbook winnings. As for the jackpot, the maximum amount you can win is TZS 200,000,000. And in Pawa6, you can earn a maximum of TZS 2,000,000.
Who is the owner of betPawa?
betPawa Tanzania is a branch of an international brand headquartered in Estonia with Kresten Buch as CEO.
Which countries use betPawa?
The company operates legally in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, DRC Congo, and Cameroon.