BetPawa Jackpot Bonus

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The rules are simple: there is a pool of soccer matches, and you are to predict the outcomes of all of them. If you guess right, you win big.

Is there anything else you should know about the betPawa jackpot?

Oh, yes. So keep reading to learn every detail.

About betPawa Tanzania Bonuses

Letߴs be honest: the betPawa bonus offers are not abundant for Tanzanian customers. But maybe this is just the case where quality rather than quantity matters.

The bookieߴs most captivating perk is the Win Bonus. It is awarded as a certain percentage of your winnings, depending on the number of games in your ticket. Here are some examples:

Number of legs in a multibetBonus percentage

Apart from earning extra on accumulator bets, you can participate in jackpots with big cash prizes.  

What Is the betPawa Jackpot?

The betPawa jackpots are thrilling competitions in which participants must predict the outcome of each football match from a pre-selected list. 

When the last match is played, the bookmaker announces the winner and pays out the top award and consolation prizes for those close to winning.

The “Results” section of the jackpot tab on the site shows the final results, including the outcomes of the matches, the number of winners, and the prize amounts.

How the betPawa Jackpot Works

How the betPawa Jackpot Works
  • The company sets a time limit for submitting entries and accepts predictions from participants before the beginning of the first match.
  • You can use the “LUCKY DIP” button to have the system make one random selection for you for each game.
  • All matches are normally settled within 1 hour according to the outcome at the end of regular time, including any additional stoppage time but excluding overtime and the penalty shootout.
  • If there are multiple winners, the prize will be divided equally among all these participants.
  • If a match is postponed or canceled and not resumed within the next 24 hours, that match will receive the result from the game indicated above it on the ticket.
  • A match will be annulled if the venue is replaced by a new one, which becomes the home field of the initial visiting team. 
  • All tickets will be voided if 50% of rescheduled or canceled matches are not reopened within 24 hours.

How to Play the betPawa Jackpot

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The steps are straightforward, and depending on the type of particular contest, there may be only slight differences. Hereߴs how to play Pick17 – 1X2.

  1. Ensure you are registered and logged in to your account.
  2. Go to the “Jackpot” tab and choose the Pick17 – 1X2 option.
  3. Check the list containing 17 pre-selected soccer games.
  4. Your betting options are home win, draw, and away win.
  5. Make at least one prediction per match to create a ticket.
  6. Submit your ticket by buying it for a minimum price of TZS 100.
  7. If desired, add more bets per match, given the rising entry cost.
  8. Optionally, create more tickets, each with at least one bet per match.

betPawa Jackpot Predictions

betPawa jackpotPredictions to winWinning prizeConsolation prizes 
Pick17 – 1X2outcomes of 17 matchesTZS 200,000,00016,15,14, and 13 correct selections
Pick15 – Teams To Scoreoutcomes of 15 matchesTZS 10,000,00014 and 13 correct selections
Pick13 – 1X2outcomes of 13 matchesTZS 10,000,00012, 11, and 10 correct selections


betpawa Summarizing

Now you have all the information you need about the betPawa jackpot in Tanzania. So itߴs time to move on from theory to practice.

Join in and keep a close eye on the schedule of the contests so you donߴt miss your chance.


How can you win the betPawa jackpot?
To become a winner, you must correctly predict the results of all pre-selected events.
Is there a bonus on the betPawa jackpot?
According to the bookmakerߴs rules, participants may receive either the grand prize or consolation prizes, depending on the number of correct predictions they made.
Where can I see the betPawa jackpot results?
Visit, go to the jackpot tab, and click “Results.”
How to predict the jackpot?
You have enough time to analyze all the selected games. Study the stats, rankings, and conditions of the teams. You can also ask professionals for help with prediction tips.