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Many bettors prefer to bet on an already ongoing event. This approach lets you assess the situation, see your opponents in action, and make a reliable forecast. In this article, we will analyze the features of this type of betting.

Betting Terminology: A Brief Overview

This article focuses on a specific phenomenon and cannot cover the entire wagering glossary. Therefore, we recommend you check out our detailed review of the meaning of betting terms. There, you will find both basic concepts and rarely encountered terms.

What Is Live-in-Play Betting?

It is a type of bet that you place during the match. Otherwise, this section is no different from the usual prematch.

Live Sports Betting Prediction Tips and Strategies

Try the following strategies to take full advantage of this section’s potential.

  • Goal in the last minutes. It is a profitable bet but should be placed in games with a clear favorite.
  • Bets by periods in hockey. Typically, teams’ performance improves in each subsequent period. Use these statistics to make your forecast.
  • Bet on the favorite in tennis. The favorites in tennis are almost always apparent before the match begins, hence the low odds for them to win. The most popular strategy in live tennis is to bet on the favorite in games where they are the servers, which should be used closer to the end of the game.

Live Betting Examples

Let’s say you want to bet on a football match between Team 1 and Team 2. However, the odds are too low. In this case, you wait for the match to start and monitor the game and the fluctuations of the odds. Once you understand that you can make an accurate prediction and the bookmaker’s offer suits you, place your bet.

Note that odds change very quickly, so act quickly.

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What Are the Benefits of Live Betting?

Live wagering has several significant advantages.

  • You analyze everything in real time, and thus, errors are minimal.
  • In live, bookmaker analysts simply do not have time to adjust the odds, so favorable conditions are highly likely.
  • You don’t have to wait long for settlement; everything happens before your eyes, and the balance is replenished right after the event.


Conclusion BetPawa

Live wagering lets you touch the event, feel involved in the action, experience additional emotions when watching, etc. With a reasonable approach, you can win significant amounts on such bets.


Is live betting legal?
Yes, these bets are legal.
What is the most profitable live betting strategy?
There are many proven live wagering strategies, each of which will be profitable in certain conditions.
What are the disadvantages of live betting?
The main disadvantage is the rapid change of the situation and the need to react quickly.