What Does Moneyline Mean in Sports Betting?

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To bet successfully, you must understand each market and wager type. Today, we will discuss the moneyline and explain how to use it correctly.

Bets and Terms: Help for Players

To start making money while betting, you need to learn a lot of information. Start your self-education with the basics, that is, with the most important betting concepts. To do this, read our article discussing the meaning of terms in betting. Without this, you will not be able to understand how different markets work and what strategies to use for them.

What Is a Moneyline Bet?

It is the simplest for understanding and most common type of bet in which you choose the potential winner of the game.

How Does Moneyline Work?

You evaluate the potential of your opponents and wager on one of them to win. In the event of a tie, the bet is canceled, and you receive your money back.

Moneyline Odds

The odds in this type of wager directly depend on the chances of one of the participants winning. It is extremely rare that they will be approximately equal.

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How to Bet on Moneyline

Analyze your opponents’ chances and bet on the team with the greatest chance of winning.

Example of a Moneyline Bet

Let’s assume you want to wager on a match between Team 1 and Team 2. You analyze the team data and believe that Team 1 will win. If your prediction is correct, you succeed. If Team 2 wins, you lose, and the bookmaker will refund your bet in the event of a draw.


Conclusion BetPawa

As you can see, this name hides a simple and understandable type of bet. It is suitable for beginners.


What happens if you lose a moneyline bet?
In this case, you lose the wager amount.
How do moneyline bets pay?
Calculation of bets and payment of winnings occurs as usual after the completion of the event.
Is it smart to wager the moneyline?
You should not concentrate on one type of bet. Try different markets.