Find out Why BetPawa Is not Working

Kanika Fagbure
Contributing Author
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Any website can experience different issues, and the human factor is also something that everyone has to consider. All of that means that there can be problems with using an online service, including betting platforms. And BetPawa Tanzania isn’t an exception.

The text below will describe all of the main possible issues that you can encounter on that bookmaker, from the website simply not loading to problems with logging in. We will provide possible ways to solve them or mention when it’s better to contact customer care.

Possible Issues and Ways to Solve Them

Possible Issues and Ways to Solve Them BetPawa

The number of possible problems that you can experience at BetPawa isn’t large, but all of them require some attention. Don’t worry: in most cases, you can solve the problems in no time, or they will go away by themselves. Let’s check all of the important ones.

The Website Doesn’t Load

One of the most common problems is pretty basic in nature: BetPawa doesn’t load. You simply see a blank page that constantly tries to load, or your browser shows an error. There are several possible reasons:

  • Your Internet connection doesn’t work. Try to check whether your device is connected to the web, and try to fix it if it isn’t. There might be other problems with your router as well.
  • The website is banned. BetPawa is legally available in Tanzania, so you shouldn’t experience such issues. But if you do, try to use a VPN.
  • Some maintenance work is going on. This case is an issue on the website’s side, so you can’t do anything about it. We recommend waiting some time. If in doubt, contact customer care.

As you can see, all of these problems can be easily fixed. Don’t worry much; be patient, and contact the helpline if the issues don’t resolve themselves.

You Can’t Log in.

Sometimes you may input your credentials, but nothing happens. This is a common issue on betting websites and is usually a server-side one if you enter everything correctly. Let’s check out the possible ways to solve it.

  • The website says that the information I entered is incorrect. In this case, double-check everything you typed in. If everything seems correct, then we recommend contacting the platform’s customer care.
  • The website doesn’t allow me to use the correct country code. This is certainly due to the fact that you’ve visited the wrong local website. If you have a Tanzanian phone number, switch to
  • Nothing happens after I click the “Login” button. This issue is also common. First, we recommend checking your Internet connection. If it seems to work, then the next step would be to try reloading the page. If the issue isn’t resolved, then wait some time; there’s a chance that the problem is on the website’s side of things. And if that doesn’t help, try to contact customer care.

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Customer Care

In some cases, it’s better to contact customer care to learn what to do and why the problems persist. Below, we list the ways you can talk to workers. Thankfully, they are responsive and willing to help. The service doesn’t work around the clock; for example, if you want to make a phone call, the working hours are from 8 AM. to 11 PM.

icon Betpawa icon BP_official icon FB icon Email icon WhatsApp icon Number icon Instagram

It’s worth mentioning that while BetPawa doesn’t offer a live chat capability, it provides a “request a call” option on its website. It allows you simply leave your phone number and wait for an agent to respond by calling you.


Conclusion BetPawa

Sometimes you can have problems accessing websites. This applies to betting platforms as well, including BetPawa. They range from simple ones, such as issues with loading and login, to less obvious ones, such as deposit and withdrawal problems.

We didn’t cover the latter group in this article, focusing instead on simpler issues. We described the things you could do if the website doesn’t work or if you can’


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