What Is a Parlay Bet?

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Any bettor wants to increase the profitability of betting. And the easiest way is to use accumulator wagers. Let’s figure out what they are and how they work.

Introduction to Betting Vocabulary

You will find it challenging to understand the different markets if you are unfamiliar with the basic vocabulary. Therefore, check out the review where we have sports betting terms explained. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to studying individual markets.

What Is a Parlay Wager?

You place multiple bets on unrelated events and combine them into one complex wager. Typically, such a ticket includes from 2 to 50 events.

How Does Parlay Bet Work?

A feature of the accumulator or parlay bet is the summation of odds. It means that if you win, you will receive more. However, remember that the entire ticket is lost if you lose one wager.

Parlay has higher returns and higher risks.

How to Make an Accumulator Bet

Select at least two events and click on the appropriate markets. Select the accumulator stake type in the ticket and indicate the required amount. Thus, placing a wager differs only in the number of events.

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Example of Parlay Bet

You want to wager on the game between Team 1 and Team 2 and the match between Team 3 and Team 4. Having selected the markets you need, you add both events to the ticket and place an accumulator wager. If both predictions are correct, you receive increased winnings. If one of your wagers loses, you receive nothing.

Risks and Rewards

Accumulator bets are riskier because you have no room for error. On the other hand, the potential winnings are much greater than if you wager on each event separately.


Conclusion BetPawa

Many bettors love parlay wagers for their profitability. However, they require conscientious predicting and are associated with increased risk.


Why Should Parlays Be Avoided?
If you do not like to take risks, this wager type is unsuitable for you.
What Happens to My Parlay Bet in a Canceled Game?
In this case, you receive the staked amount back.
Is a Parlay a good bet?
It is an excellent opportunity to win a significant sum with minimal investment.