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Bets on virtual sports appeared relatively recently and found their audience, though not very wide. Many players prefer to choose an actual sport in the old-fashioned way. Most bettors have a very skeptical attitude toward sports simulators. The well-known African bookmaker BetPawa also offers its players to earn on v-matches. And for betting to be successful, study the tips from this article.

BetPawa Virtual

BetPawa Virtual

To place any bet, you need to register an account and log in to the platform. BetPawa virtual games are available in the sidebar. Currently, only v-football is available on the platform. It is the most popular betting sport, so this is a minor downside.

Click on Virtual Sports to see all available options. In this section, you can bet on ongoing and ongoing matches. For each game, you will see the available markets and odds. Click on the one you need to add an event to the bet slip.

The Winning Secret Behind These Odds on BetPawa Virtual

When betting on virtual sports, you need to rely solely on statistical information (statistics of seasons/teams/athletes, head-to-head matches, standings), trying to find specific patterns because there is no other information for analytics here and cannot be. Finding the best options for outcomes, bet according to a pre-honed strategy. It will reduce the risk of losing money quickly and increase the chances of making money in a short/medium distance.

Avoid using the usual strategies for betting, as they do not work due to the differences between regular and games.

Working Tricks on BetPawa Virtual Sports

With virtual bets, use the classical theory of probability and the specifics of virtual events. However, there are a few more tricks.

Live Bets

Relatively reliable bet on v-football. In virtual football, comebacks rarely happen. The team that secures an advantage at the beginning of the match is highly likely to emerge victorious. Therefore, a bet on the victory of such a team almost always brings a win. The disadvantages of the method are low odds and quick elimination of the bet from the line.


V-matches are fleeting, and the effectiveness of computer blanks rarely exceeds one or two goals per half. Bookmakers strive to increase the number of bets and offer bets on a total only for one-half of the game.

From the input, it turns out that by betting on a total of less than 2.5, the better may remain a winner. Based on mathematical analysis, the bet is profitable at odds of 1.7 or higher.

On the Underdog

The concept of a favorite and an outsider in v-football is conditional. There is little difference in the program between Ronaldo and the local team player, and the probability of the German national team winning over the Danish national team is 50 to 50. But for the simulator, there is no difference, but for players who, without understanding, bet on the virtual as on the real one, there is. As a result, the coefficients for the “weak” team increase. It remains to find a match that meets the given conditions and place a bet on an imaginary underdog.

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How to win on BetPawa Virtual Sports?

How to win on BetPawa Virtual Sports?

It is effortless to win on v-bets.

Step 1

Log in or, if necessary, register on the BetPawa service.

Step 2

Find the “Virtual Sports” menu item in the side menu and click on it.

Step 3 

Select the appropriate match from the list and click on the desired odds. If you consider the recommendations from this article, you will win.


betpawa Conclusion

By and large, to bet on virtual football, you need to do the same as in the case of classic sports. You must act quickly with the amendment that the v-match lasts five minutes. In addition, take into account the specifics of v-sports so that your betting is only successful.


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