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Betting platforms attract not only fans of classical sports wagering but also those part of the audience who enjoy some games close to the sport and actually make bets on them. One such alternative is virtuals. You can bet on soccer via virtual betting and grab your prizes. Further in the article, we will reveal more facts and tips on how to play virtual soccer and what can help you win such games.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

betpawa What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

So, what is virtual football betting? This question has a simple and clear answer. By virtual BetPawa, we understand games or matches simulated by the computer. Their outcomes depend on the random generator, the same as game developers use in slot machines. 

Punters can enjoy such betting and see the result almost instantly because the match lasts several seconds. It is very convenient when you are not the most patient person. Also, in regular wagering, players need to monitor the game and wait until it is over to know the results. With virtuals, you can place a quick bet and see the result while you are on your break. 

How Does Virtual Football Work?

Virtuals are a relatively new gaming category that lets punters bet on computer-created matches. One match lasts for several minutes and allows players to see an immediate result. Virtual betting does not offer a wide variety of markets, but certainly, here, you can find the most common options.

The main mechanism of betting here is similar to the regular one. Punters select any match from any league. The games are available every day, and you do not need to wait for the main match of the year because it is already here to bet right when it is convenient for you.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Soccer Betting

betpawa Pros and Cons of Virtual Soccer Betting

Virtual soccer wagering has its perks and downsides. We will share some useful facts we retrieved about this betting option in the table below.

  • Exciting matches
  • Last for about 2 minutes
  • Can play every day
  • Games are not real
  • Hard to predict

Drawbacks of Betting on Virtual Football

As you can see from the table, the number of cons is fewer. However, some punters can find them significant enough to switch to classic wagering. One of the downsides is that all games are simulations created by computer. Therefore, it is difficult to place a correct prediction, and even thorough research is impossible to perform.

Tips and Strategies for Placing Virtual Soccer Bets

betpawa Tips and Strategies for Placing Virtual Soccer Bets

Many gamers find virtuals exciting and fun entertainment. You do not need specific skills and tools to place a bet and make it win. However, it is easy to lose here. That is why our editorial team prepared a list with top recommendations for players who start exploring this gaming category:

  1. Manage your budget. It is easy to spend all your money at once. Each loss causes a huge desire to return your funds and win more. It is not always possible, and you need to stay calm and cool to play rationally. That is why a prior established budget will help you not to bet your last money.
  2. Do not place high-value bets. Since predicting the outcomes of computer-generated games is hard, we strongly do not recommend placing high-value stakes. Smaller bets can also bring your reward if you win, and your disappointment won’t be terminal if you lose.
  3. Explore the offered markets. Before you place a stake, it is a great idea to see all the available markets and try them one by one to see which ones are more suitable for you.
  4. Diversify your wagering. Virtuals offer its punters to bet on a limited set of markets. However, it is boring to use only 1X2 basic. Test other variants and see if they work.

If you try the recommendations above, you might achieve some visible results soon. However, you need to keep in mind that it is not always easy to win. So, be reasonable and do not let your emotions prevail.

How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer

The work process in virtual football betting is based on the principles of fair game. Punters have to register on BetPawa and make their first deposit. After you complete the first two steps, you can start wagering on the platform:

  1. Open BetPawa and visit the “Virtual Sport” section. 
  2. You will see all the current events.
  3. Make your predictions by selecting the odds and the markets.
  4. Confirm your bet.

In several seconds you will learn the result. The variety of games varies. You can bet on English, Spanish, or German leagues and many other games. The results are placed in the neighboring tab.

Virtual Football Betting Types

betpawa Virtual Football Betting Types

BetPawa provides its punters with many opportunities. This part is devoted to the variety of markets you can find in the “Virtual Sport” category on BetPawa. The number is limited, but we will explain some of the top choices. 

1X2 Type

It is a classic and standard betting market suitable for newbies and pros. It offers players to wager on three probable outcomes of the game. The numbers represent the first or home team and the second or away team. And X stands for a tie. 

Double Chance

This market promises players less attractive odds but a higher chance of winning. Punters can bet on two possible game results out of three available options. The market looks like a standard 1X2, but you can select 1X, 2X, or 12 bets.


The last most popular option is an over/under market. Players get to decide whether any of the teams make a total number of goals below or above the established number.

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Can You Win on Virtual Football?

It is possible to win in virtual betting if you know some tricks. First of all, since it is impossible to make any analysis, you can observe the principles of random generator work. It may seem surprising to you, but it has some patterns it follows.

Virtuals function as any crash game. If you browse the Internet, you will be surprised by how many strategies created and developed by other betting enthusiasts you may retrieve.


betpawa Conclusion

Virtual soccer betting on BetPawa is one of its major forms of entertainment. It is perfect for impatient players who wish to see fast results. The category offers a wide range of choices. Many matches of different leagues are available daily in this category. It may seem that computer-created games are hard to win. However, many users manage to understand how it works and prefer virtuals over classic sports wagering.

Virtual soccer betting is an alternative variant of sports wagering. Many punters prefer it because it is accessible at any suitable time, not unlike regular matches that are scheduled. Another perk of the category is the match duration. You can get the results in seconds instead of waiting a long time until the regular game finishes. So we certainly recommend our readers test this BetPawa virtuals section on the official bookmaker’s website.


How do you bet on virtual soccer?
The mechanism of virtual betting is similar to standard wagering. Punters should choose the match and select the market. Then they need to compose a prediction and approve their choices.
Are virtual sports predictable?
It is hard to say. But some punters claim that they understand the principles of random generator’s work and its patterns. That made their game really profitable.
Is virtual football betting Legit?
Yes, it is absolutely legal in Tanzania. Virtual betting is certified and offers a great variety of options to punters on the BetPawa platform.
What is virtual football betting?
It is a computer-simulated entertainment similar to crash games. Punters can wager on various soccer matches and win real money.