Biggest Winners at betPawa

Siti Onobanjo
Sports Betting Expert
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People often doubt that winning money on a betting platform is possible. Of course, successful betting is primarily associated with careful planning and analysis of information. However, sometimes Lady Luck smiles quite unexpectedly. Let’s get acquainted with the winners of betPawa, who managed to win huge sums.


This Tanzanian bettor from Arusha placed a bet of TSh 1,500 and won TSh 7,518,079.50. After taxes, he received an incredible amount of TSh 54,808,299.55. Such a huge win was made possible thanks to a special accumulator bet boost bonus, which increased the result by 710%. Anthony will invest his winnings in his agricultural business and support his wife’s business. And, of course, he will not stop using the betPawa platform.


This user from Tabora won TSh 28,791,689 by betting TSh 5,000. This bettor did not immediately hit the jackpot. For several years he won modest amounts and did not count on grandiose victories. Now Shabani can develop his shop, start a rice business and renovate his house.


This bettor won TSh 17,268,239.65 by betting only TSh 25. The user will open his own business and help others find work with the money received. He also invests in his mother’s farming business.

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Winners from Other Countries

Not only Tanzanians have the opportunity to improve their lives with big wins significantly. Here are the winning bettors from other African countries.

Lukudu Denis

This Ugandan user won the UGX 200,000,000 jackpot by wagering a total of UGX 100. The modest bettor did not even imagine that he could correctly predict the results of all 17 events in the coupon. The win came as a complete surprise to him.

Lukudu Denis will spend the winning on vision correction and improvement of the economy and agriculture of his region. At the same time, he will not forget about betting, as the convenient BetPawa online service suits him completely.

Peter S.

This user won UGX 246,087,198.37 by betting UGX 500 on the jackpot. A simple electrician who made bets occasionally did not expect that all the predictions in his coupon would be correct. The money Peter wants to invest in real estate and ensure a comfortable old age for his parents.


This bettor bet GHS 30 on a 36-leg accumulator and won GHS 278,333.52. Such a huge win was made possible thanks to the 305% Win Bonus. Waiting for the results was not easy because some games were quite tense. However, the success paid off all the worries. Patrick has not yet decided how to dispose of the money, so he keeps it in a bank account for now. In the future, he is likely going to invest the funds profitably.


The examples of these bettors confirm that phenomenal winnings are possible. At the same time, you can hit the jackpot, even by betting a minimal amount. However, just hoping for luck is not enough. Collect information about your sport, learn to analyze data, and manage your bankroll wisely. Then your betting experience will be successful, and you will get into the betPawa Hall of Fame sooner or later.


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