What Is Draw-No-Bet in Football?

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Draw no bet or DNC, as bookmakers mark it as a popular stake with clear and understandable rules. Among a massive variety of markets on BetPawa, DNC is definitely in demand among users. It allows them to make their gaming sessions more exciting. Here in the article, our editorial team has prepared a sufficient guide on the draw no-bet market and will gladly present it to you.

Betting Codes

Betpawa Betting Codes

Before we proceed to the topic, let’s remind you that confirming your bet at once is unnecessary. BetPawa provides its punters with a unique opportunity to build their favorite bets and save them for another day. So what is booking code in BetPawa?

Visit the BetPawa website, log into your account, and select the event you wish to bet on. Add your predictions to the betting slip, and instead of confirming it, create a booking code. It is a set of numbers and letters that you can insert later when you decide to place your stake finally.

What Is Draw No-Bet?

What does a draw no bet mean? The answer is easy. It is a market that allows you to place a stake in a winner. In case of a victory for your team, you will be rewarded with a monetary prize. If the team loses, your bet also fails. However, what about a tie? This outcome is also possible, but a player cannot choose it in this market. If there is a draw, your stake will be returned to your account automatically.

Pros and Cons of Draw No-Bets Wagers

Betpawa Pros and Cons of Draw No-Bets Wagers

As with each market, DNB has its advantages and drawbacks. So punters need to know all that before they decide to bet with it. Our team has marked all the specifics of the DNB based on their sufficient experience and testing. Observe the results in the following part of the review.


One of the greatest options of the DNB market is that in case of a draw, you can be sure that your money will be returned. Such an opportunity makes it easier for punters to try this market.


This option cannot boast the odds it offers. Basically, as with double chance, you have an increased probability of two outcomes happening. Therefore a bookmaker cannot promise you high odds here.

How to Place a Draw No-Bet Wager

Betpawa How to Place a Draw No-Bet Wager

To place your DNB stake, you should register on BetPawa. Open your profile by providing the necessary entering data and start selecting your events. DNB is widely used in soccer betting so you can find this market in this section. 

A draw no bet meaning in football is similar to any other team sport where bookmakers offer it. For instance, the market is applicable to ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and other types. You have to choose an event and wager on the home or away team to be a winner. You can notice an “i” sign on the BetPawa platform. When you navigate to it, the bookmaker will confirm our explanation that in case there is a draw, your bet will be returned to your account.

Confirm your selection and wait for an outcome. If your team succeeds, you will get your reward.

Draw No-Bet Betting System – Tips and Tricks to Win

It is a skill to understand when best to use this market in betting. A bit more experienced players already know the drill and prefer various markets based on the pre-match or live betting analysis. To make victorious predictions, you need to acquire more experience, but that should not necessarily be your experience:

  1. Check with professionals. Read expert posts about this market and see what they have to offer.
  2. Discipline yourself. Never start betting impulsively. It is a methodical and analytical process that needs time to reach success.
  3. Apply various betting strategies. It is more beneficial to use different mathematical tactics for your analysis and planning your budget before you confirm your bet.
  4. Know your teams. The DNB is all about chances. Since there is no draw option in the market, your chances are bigger. But to win more, you better know which team is stronger based on previous matches.

When to Use DNB?

Betpawa When to Use DNB?

While betting on BetPawa, punters often make their analysis to place a successful prediction. DNB is a market that can help to make better selections if used on time. Below we can recommend to you several proven strategies that work for many punters if correctly made.

When a Draw Is Likely

When a draw is highly probable, such a bet also allows you to keep your money or earn more, with a probability of almost 97%. Examine the opponent teams and compare their chances of winning, and if both teams are equally strong, then DNB is your market. 

When You Want to Stake the Underdog

When an outsider is playing, the DNB is a great choice. Wagering on the underdog team can diminish your risks. It is a strategy approved by many bettors. At least you will get your stake back.

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When You’re Live Betting on a Favorite, That’s Losing

Live betting is a great chance to see who is holding the field. When you notice that a team you like starts losing its grip, it is time to place your bet. One of the perks of a live mode is that you can start placing stakes in the middle of the match when the situation can already reveal who the prevailing participant is.

Draw No-Bet Alternatives

Betpawa Draw No-Bet Alternatives

DNB is a wonderful market with its perks and one noticeable downside. However, it is not the only market that offers its players such attractive conditions. Punters also like to make bets with handicap 0.0 or double chance markets. As with DNB, they also promise you to bet on two outcomes out of three possible. However, they are not identical. Keep reading to see the part where we explain the specifics of each of the mentioned choices.

Double Chance Betting

This market is famous to many beginners and professional bettors who, however, prefer to use it in the opposite situations. But that is not the point. Double chance offers you to bet on two probable match results. For instance, you can select the following options:

  1. 1X. You bet on a tie and a home team to succeed.
  2. 2X. You choose to wager on the away team to win and a draw.
  3. 12. Here, you stake on either of the teams to bring victory.

Remember that you still need to do a small research! In case the third outcome happens, you will lose your bet.

Handicap 0.0

The handicap works almost the same way. Initially, by staking with a handicap market, punters decide which team will or won’t get extra goals from the start to even the chances of both teams for a victory. The handicap 0.0 market is also called a level handicap.

In case the game is going to happen between teams of different abilities and opportunities to prevail in the match, the handicap will equal their chances. Both participants will start the game with zero goals on their balances. The level handicap also excludes a draw from betting. Therefore, punters will get their stakes back in case it happens.


Betpawa summary

The DNB bet is a marvelous opportunity to save money and make a prediction. Other names for this market are a tie-no bet or a bet with insurance. When you make it, you exclude a draw out of the stake. The only option you can select here is which team will win based on your calculations. Basically, you predict 2 out of the possible results. It increases your winning chances and diminishes the risk. However, such a bet offers you lower odds.


How does a draw no bet work?
The DNB market lets punters place a stake in the winner. And in case there is a tie, a player will receive the bet back.
How are draw no bet odds calculated?
The calculations can be done by uniting the proposed odds from a classic 1X2 market for the same match. They will be spread on a tie and a home team to win on a tie and an away team to win.
What Does ‘Draw No Bet’ Mean in Soccer Betting?
The DNB market also suggests players select a winner of the match and place a stake in it.
How Are These Lines Calculated?
Most bookmakers offer to calculate the odds automatically. So, when you add your prediction on the bet slip, you can see the result.
Do Draw No Bet Wagers Include Extra Time?
No, such bets cover only the full time of the game.
Why Bet on DNB?
It is one of the bets with insurance. In case a match ends up in a tie, punters get back their bets.
Are Draw No Bet and Asian Handicap 0 the Same?
They are not exactly the same. However, both can return your stake in case of a draw.
Is Draw No Bet the Same as Double Chance?
These two markets definitely have similar traits but are different. In double chance, you need to pick two outcomes, whereas, in DNB, there is no draw to choose because it is excluded from betting.