Fortune Miner on BetPawa: Tips & Tricks

Kanika Fagbure
Contributing Author
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Online casino games come in different shapes and styles. The gameplay can vary significantly, and your options might be very flexible. Of course, every serious gambling website offers classics like poker or blackjack. But having additional, modern, and original options can make things much more interesting.

Fortune Miner is among them: it has simple rules, yet it’s fun to play, and there’s even some room for small tactics. Our article will describe the way it works on betPawa, a growing bookmaker that you can access from many African countries, including Tanzania. We will cover everything you might need to know about the game, yet we will do so in a quick and easy-to-read manner.

About Games on BetPawa

BetPawa is a bookmaker that offers options for both betting and gambling. While wagering is limited only to football and basketball, the platform easily compensates for this with the number of events offered and a long list of diverse markets. The situation is different with gambling: there are already many betPawa online casino games that you can play on the website. You can use the previous version for some of them, while for others, you would have to log in and check them firsthand.

Unfortunately for Tanzanian gamblers, there are no casino options offered on a local website, so instead, you can either try to access the other country’s website, such as a Ugandan version, or wait for the games to appear in the future.

About Fortune Miner Slot

Fortune Miner has very straightforward rules. It involves blowing up some mines in order to receive gemstones and gold. The playing style is simple as well: you have a 3×3 playing field and have to select some gemstones as your stakes. For each gamble, the system selects a random number from 1 to 14. Your task is to guess whether it will be a small (1–7) or a big (8–14) one. If you manage to predict it correctly, your winning amount doubles. Otherwise, you will lose it. The amount is a combination of your stake and various multipliers that depend on the type of gemstone.

How to Play Fortune Miner

How to Play Fortune Miner BetPawa

As we’ve already said, the rules are very simple, so you won’t experience any issues while trying to play it. If you have doubts, you can check out the preview version of the game; it doesn’t even require you to log in or register, although this version is extremely limited and shows only a few things about the gameplay.

Go to the Website

Visit betPawa. You can’t find the game on the Tanzanian website, so you can start with the Ugandan one, for example.

Click on the “Games” Button

You can find it on the left side of the screen. Just click on it, and you will see a page with several casino games that you can check out.

Find Fortune Miner

Just check the list of offered games. Fortune Miner comes quickly if you just visit the “All” tab.

Check Preview

If you don’t want to start playing with real money, you can try using the preview version. You can actually do so without even logging in. But this option is very limited and doesn’t offer a full picture.

Play the Game

Place real stakes, and start playing. We don’t recommend placing big sums since it’s rather risky with casino games. 

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Game Themes

Fortune Miner isn’t a deep game. There’s no plot to speak of, and frankly speaking, it doesn’t require it. Fortune Miner mainly revolves around gemstones and mining, and that’s all that you need to know.


Conclusion BetPawa

It’s easy to get lost in the sheer variety of modern online casino games. So having a description of some of them can be extremely helpful. And that is precisely what we aimed to achieve in this article: providing all the information about the betPawa Fortune Miner game that we could find. We described how this slot game works, wrote a tutorial to access it on the website and covered its rules.


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What is a Fortune Miner?
Fortune Mines is a simple, nice-looking game that allows you to win money by blowing up dungeons and collecting stones and gold.
Is there a trick to slot machines?
We don’t recommend cheating, tricks, or using malicious practices to get wins. Moreover, using those will get you banned on nearly any platform, betPawa included.
How do you pick a winning slot machine?
Regrettably, there’s no way to tell; most of the games mainly revolve around luck, this includes roulette, Fortune Miner, and many other games that you can find on betPawa.
Does Fortune Miner pay real money?
Yes, it is legit, so you can win real money.