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Often, users come to bookmakers to bet on various sports. But plenty of gamblers are also willing to try their luck with various casino games. Thankfully, many websites provide this option, including betPawa. This platform offers its services in several African countries, including Tanzania. It’s a small bookmaker, but don’t be mistaken: it has enough features to surprise you, from flexible betting markets to useful USSD deposit options. 

This article will solely focus on the platform’s casino games. We will provide a brief overview of them, provide tutorials on how to play the slots and other info. Moreover, we will answer the most commonly asked questions. Enjoy the read.

About BetPawa Casino

About BetPawa Casino

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that it’s possible to access betPawa casino options in Tanzania. That’s a bit surprising since you can use them in some other markets, such as Uganda. So, the following text will focus on how casino games work in other African markets where betPawa operates and provides such options.

BetPawa offers enough games to choose from. In total, there are almost a hundred slots that you can pick from. The options range from classical ones, such as roulette, keno, and the “Jacks or Better” variation of poker, to less common choices, like Trafrica and JetX.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t load all the games without logging in first. However, you can do this with some of them, most notably with Fortune Miner, although this version is very limited. It’s a bit unfortunate that not all games have previews because having this feature would allow gamblers to test the games even without having an account on the platform. This, in turn, can motivate new players to join betPawa.

Useful Gambling Information

Useful Gambling Information BetPawa

You can check out plenty of games to test your luck. Essentially, the amount of skill involved rarely matters, so gambling isn’t an activity where you can plan any long-term strategy or improve significantly. The best you can do is minimize the risks by placing small stakes and avoiding not-so-safe tactics. You should also be aware that you might start developing a gambling addiction. So if you notice unhealthy patterns in the way you play, then it’s better to cease the activity. The same goes for regular betting as well.

BetPawa Casino Games in Common

BetPawa Casino Games in Common

We’ve already mentioned that the website offers a sizable number of casino options. We’d even say that it’s surprisingly big since you usually don’t expect small platforms to offer that many. And remember – you won’t have any of these options on the Tanzanian website, so the text is purely informational, although you can try using the other markets.

The platform divides the games into a few categories: All, Slots, Poker, Roulette, Table, and Other. We won’t touch on every type of game or especially on every slot in the paragraphs below, but check out the paragraph below to get an understanding of how some of them work.

Popular Games

The platform features nearly a hundred games, so reviewing all of them in detail wouldn’t be possible in our article. Let’s take a look at a quick overview of some of the commonly played games that betPawa offers.


Unfortunately, there’s no betPawa Aviator game. If you want to try a game with a similar design, then you should check JetX. Its rules are pretty much similar to Aviator ones: you see the plane appear, and while it’s on-screen, your stake continues to grow. Once it disappears, you lose all of the winnings unless you manage to click on the button.

Fortune Miner

This is probably the most popular slot among those that the platform offers. betPawa Fortunate Miner is relatively simple: you just blow up dungeons and hope that the mines will provide you with gold or other gems.

Sweet Candy 6

Sweet Candy 6 is another game that you can find on betPawa. Playing doesn’t require much effort: you have to clear a few candies with certain numbers and replace them with new ones. You can swap up to six of them at once, as you can guess by the name. If you want to learn more, we have an entire article dedicated to how to win Sweet Candy 6 on betPawa.

Wheel of Luck

This betPawa Spin and Win offer is pretty much a classical take on wheel-based games. Just spin it and check the results. Nothing else is required; the game isn’t complicated or overly nuanced.


The game offers some variations of roulette. This doesn’t surprise us since the game and its version are incredibly popular among gamblers. So far, the platform has “Lucky Roulette” and “Casino Roulette.” In the paragraph below, we will take a look at the former.

Lucky roulette

This is standard roulette without additional features and some nuances that can make the game more complicated. There’s a preview mode that you can access without even logging in or registering. The rules are as simple as it gets: you place a bet on some numbers, spin the wheel, and hope that the result will match your picks. If you want to read how to play Lucky Roulette in betPawa, check out our dedicated article on the matter.


If you visit the “Slots” tab, then your options will include many games to check out. Actually, it’s the tab that contains the most casino options, with more than 50 games to play. Many of them involve landing three or more identical symbols in order to win. These games can be called “777 slots”, and you’re likely already familiar with them. 


No list of casino offers will be fully complete without poker. The game is a classic known to everybody in the world. BetPawa offers four versions of it: Three Cards, Turbo, Joker, and Caribbean Beach Poker. All have mostly similar rules, with the three cards having the most differences from the others, as you can already guess by its name.

How to Play BetPawa Games for Tanzanians

How to Play BetPawa Games for Tanzanians

As we’ve already mentioned several times in this article, you can’t access casino games from a Tanzanian website. The reasons are unclear. If you want to play the games, you can try to use the Ugandan or Nigerian version of the website, but it might cause issues with withdrawing and depositing your funds.

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Countries Where You Can Play BetPawa Games

BetPawa provides casino options in some markets and doesn’t in others. Let’s take a look at the countries and check where the casino is offered.

  • Uganda. The Ugandan website has many functions, and playing slots is among them.
  • Kenya. It doesn’t seem that a local website offers any casino games. This is disappointing, but we hope they will fix it in the future.
  • Nigeria. Thankfully, you can enjoy your casino options on the Nigeria-based website.

BetPawa App for Games

Sadly, betPawa doesn’t offer a dedicated application for casino options. Thankfully, you can easily access all of them in a regular Android app. And if you’re an iOS user or just don’t want to download the program, you can easily access the casino games via the mobile website. The latter option is overall pretty good for all purposes, allowing you to access all of the gambling and betting features you might need.


Conclusion BetPawa

Casino games are fun to play. Gambling helps bookmakers attract a wider audience since the activity is very popular, and apart from serious gamblers, regular bettors like to test their luck on occasion as well.

Thankfully, betPawa provides enough gambling options to its punters, although you can’t use those from the Tanzanian version of the website. In our article, we covered how casino games work on betPawa, described some of the most popular ones, and provided additional information. If you decide to use the website’s other version or casino games will ever become available on the Tanzanian website, you will be able to use this knowledge in practice.


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Is it worth playing at betPawa Casino?
Yes, but keep in mind that no games are available on the Tanzanian version of the website.
What types of games does betPawa have?
BetPawa has many casino slots. The website divides the options into a few types: Slots, Poker, Roulette, and Table.
What is the easiest betPawa game?
Roulette and Wheel of Luck games seem to be fairly straightforward. The Aviator-type offerings, such as JetX, are also pretty simple to play.
How to play and win casino games?
The games depend on luck, so there aren’t many things you can do. Most of our recommendations will consist of playing with low stakes and not taking risky moves.