How to Play BetPawa Wheel of Luck

Siti Onobanjo
Sports Betting Expert
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The renowned BetPawa sports betting company has been making a lot of noise recently due to its Games section. Now, those platform members who have been visiting the website to bet on their favorite sports are also becoming a part of the gaming industry. The games available on the betPawa platform are catchy and easily attract the attention of users, which is why they are getting so popular nowadays. “Wheel Of Luck” is one of those games developed by the platform that is making all users go crazy. This classic “spin the wheel” has everything to delight a casino enthusiast! We suggest taking a detailed look at this game so you can better familiarize yourself with it. Let’s go!

BetPawa Games

The BetPawa organization developed different slots so that members of all generations and preferences could profit from them. After accessing this website section, you can benefit from traditional casino games like roulette or baccarat. Still, at the same time, you will also be able to play the most colorful and modern slot machines!

However, we should warn you that, unfortunately, this platform section is not yet available for Tanzanian users. Those incredible slots may be accessed via countries like Nigeria or Ghana.

The betPawa online casino games section of the website is surely extensive and interesting, and even though it is not yet accessible in your country, we invite you to learn about it in this article. 

Pros and Cons

betPawa Pros and Cons

Now, let’s get to the “Wheel Of Luck.” Before giving you instructions on how to play it, we suggest you take a look at its advantages and disadvantages. Even though this game is known for being very popular among African players, that doesn’t mean that it has no drawbacks. These disadvantages should obviously be taken into consideration before beginning to play.

  • Great chance to win a lot of cash
  • Return to player is 97.56%
  • Free spins available
  • Mostly luck based
  • Precise maximum bet amount

How to Play Wheel of Luck BetPawa

How to Play Wheel of Luck BetPawa

If you have made up your mind and are ready to begin, then we suggest checking out the process itself. You will notice that playing the Wheel of Luck will not require a lot of time or knowledge; this game is pretty simple yet still has its specific rules. But before we proceed with the ways to win this game, follow the steps to follow to start.

Log In

Since not registered players can’t profit from any kind of activity on the website, including games, the first thing you will need to do is log into your personal account. After successfully accessing it, simply click the “Games” tab on the sidebar at your left.


When you have successfully accessed the games section of the website, you’ll have to locate the “Wheel Of Luck.” To do so, simply scroll down until you find the game.


When the “Wheel Of Luck” has loaded, you may start your gaming experience! If you have any questions regarding the game or its rules, feel free to click on the information icon, which will permit you to access the necessary guidance.

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How to Win Wheel of Luck BetPawa

How to Win Wheel of Luck BetPawa

And here we are at the most interesting part! Our team of experts developed a guide for our readers to feel more comfortable with the game and inform themselves on the most beneficial ways of playing it. Without further ado, let’s check out these tips!


Basically, the main strategy that you will have to go for is focusing on multipliers. Since “Wheel Of Luck” is a classic spin-the-wheel game, there’s not much you can do except be a very lucky player. The main rule is to place bets and hope they land on the color at which the wheel stops. When your bet lands on a particular color, it has the chance to get multiplied, depending on the given multiplier. 

Games of this kind may be tricky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit from them. 


Now that you know basically everything you need to know about this game, we suggest taking a look at the best tips for playing it. We highly recommend you take this piece of advice seriously since the “Wheel Of Luck” may be harsh to your wallet if you play recklessly. 

Manage your budgetThe spin-the-wheel type of game is always very tricky and often looks like a sort of trap for fanatic gamblers, which is why we recommend you establish a budget that you are ready to risk for the sake of this game. The “Wheel Of Luck” is very profitable, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your funds on it. We highly advise you to stick to a precise amount of money and not overspend it.
Know when to stopSince it can easily absorb players, a sense of self-control is a must-have. This quality will give you a considerable advantage; knowing when to stop will prevent you from getting overwhelmed by your emotions. You can’t even imagine how many players lost all their winnings because they couldn’t stop playing!
Don’t place large amounts of moneyIt is always better to place small amounts of money. You will make a bigger profit by starting with a low budget rather than investing all your funds at once. Take the time to establish your budget and think of it as an opportunity to win more.


BetPawa Conclusion

To conclude, we may say that the “Wheel Of Luck” can be very profitable, but if you’re an unlucky person, it might not be for you. Here, only chance decides the fate of your money, and that’s the reason why players should get informed about all the risks before investing their funds and beginning to play. 

If you are keen on spin-the-wheel types of games, it is definitely for you. However, we can hardly recommend it to those players who are afraid of risk and prefer to avoid such types of entertainment. In this article, we gathered most of the information regarding the betPawa “Wheel Of Luck,” but if you still have any questions, please feel free to check out the FAQ below.


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How do I win the betPawa Wheel of Luck?
You will surely need some courage, some luck, and a great sense of self-control.
How do I play BetPawa Wheel of Luck?
Simply place your bets and spin the wheel.
Who won the Wheel of Fortune?
There are numerous players who managed to win this game, but unfortunately, they prefer to remain anonymous.
Are BetPawa's games legal?
Yes, totally. BetPawa is a licensed platform.