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When you enter the betting world, it’s sometimes hard to quickly shed the beginner label and start placing profitable bets. Even if you are a big soccer fan, following the latest events and watching the scoreboard, it wouldn’t be enough to win consistently. There are a lot of crucial factors in soccer betting, such as types of bets, soccer odds, betting rules for each tournament, and different betting markets that you should consider. So on the following page, we’ll talk about the specifics of soccer betting at betPawa, discuss its features and provide detailed betting guides.

Briefly About BetPawa

The BetPawa sports betting website was established not so long ago, in 2014. But despite being a new platform on the local market, it has already had the time to gain popularity and make a great impression on local sports betting enthusiasts. At the moment, there are only two sports available on the website, which are football and basketball. However, the website also has an interesting array of other games and exclusive activities that will definitely be appreciated by many bettors, especially beginners.

List of Sports at Betpawa

List of Sports at Betpawa

If you’re looking for a sports betting guide to play at betPawa, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, betting isn’t just about football, there is a huge variety of sports and non-sports events besides football where you can try your luck at predicting the outcome. Players from all over the world watch various sports events, including NBA, NHL, Premier League, motor sports, darts competitions, and dozens of others, and predict the results of the chosen matches. However, betPawa can’t be considered a bookmaker with the largest list of sports. 

Unfortunately or fortunately for Tanzanian punters, betPawa only offers football and basketball. 

Nevertheless, football fans will find it attractive and exciting to place bets on several daily events in these sports. There are plenty of betting markets and different types of bets to choose from, and favorable odds. Let’s look further at them. 

Understanding Soccer Odds

betpawa Understanding Soccer Odds

Football is a game loved by hundreds of millions of people around the world. But when it comes to betting, it gets complicated to understand the real odds and how they are formed. 

Below, you’ll find a list of the main features of football odds, what affects your chances of winning, how to place the right bet, and how to get the biggest payouts. Once you understand the basics of football odds, you will be more likely to win and have a more enjoyable sports experience. 

How are odds and payouts calculated? Imagine a game with odds of 3/1, you place $1 on the team to win, and it wins. Your winnings will be $1 plus $3 above. Usually, the odds look like 1.43, 3.45, 5.64, and this number is the multiplier that is added to your initial bet. Simply multiply your wager by the odds to get the potential win. 

Types of Soccer Bets

betpawa Types of Soccer Bets

Many indicators affect the odds. Some of them affect the odds significantly, while others affect the odds less. For example, selecting different types of bets will give you completely different odds. So it’s important to be aware of each type and how the odds behave under each type.

Free Bets 

First-time bettors are looking for various incentives. One of the most desirable is a free bet bonus. This is a bonus that allows you to place a real money bet without spending a penny of your own money. Free bets are given after registration, deposit, logging in, app download, and other actions. And when using free bets, you still win real money, although zero of your deposited cash is redeemed. 

Live Betting 

A relatively new feature of modern bookmakers that allows you to place bets in real time. In other words, you initiate the bet while the game or match is still in progress. The beauty of this system is a fast and dynamic betting experience, the ability to place the bet at any time during the match, and a wider range of betting options. Live bettors also need to double-check the odds, as they change almost every second.

Accumulator Bets 

When single bets get boring, you can try creating a chain of accumulator bets and increase your odds. The mechanics are simple, you just click on multiple games, and they are automatically added to your betting slip. The downside to this type of betting is that the odds of winning are small. The more legs you add, the higher the payouts, but the lower the chances of winning the chain. In addition, betPawa offers an accumulator win bonus that adds certain extra bonus percentages (depending on the number of legs) to your winnings. 

Bet of the Day 

If you’re looking for even higher payouts, you can place the pre-determined Bet of the Day, which has already been set. The beauty of this type is the high payouts. If you manage to win all the games in this accumulator, the bookmaker will award you with extra money. The mechanics are similar to accumulator bets, but here you can’t change the games you’re betting on. The bet changes every day as new games are added to the list. 

How to Bet Soccer Totals

betpawa How to Bet Soccer Totals

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, with attractive betting markets. One of them is called Totals, where the goal is to predict the outcome based on the score correctly. When betting on totals, you have to guess the total score of the match for the full-time or half, or over/under a certain number of goals. For example, if you bet on Liverpool v Manchester City to be over 2.5, you will only win if the total number of goals is 3 or more. Check out how to place totals.

Rules of Betting in Football in Shorts

Basically, punters can place stakes on all the events and markets offered by the bookmaker. The betting rules football are simple and do not differ from other online websites. Punters would need to select it from other choices and choose a game they wish to bet on. The minimum stake here is established by the bookmaker and is 1Tsh. You can add your selections to the bet slip and make bets of various complexity. Also, punters need to register and make a deposit to start placing stakes.

Step-by-step instructions

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  1. Visit the BetPawa Official Website

    Find the website on the browser, or click on the “Play” button. Log into your account or create a new one, providing your personal details. Then, head to the sportsbook and pick the preferred matches.

  2. Pick the Totals Betting Market

    Click on “Others” betting markets, and click on “Goals.” Select between Over/Under (OV 2.5, OV 3.5, UN 2.5, and other markets. Click on the preferred markets and odds and move to the betting slip.

  3. Set the Bet in the Bet Slip

    Open the bet slip and check if you’ve chosen the right betting options. Then, specify the stake amount, agree or disagree on the live odds changes, and click on “Place Bet.”

Rules You Need to Know for Football Betting

betpawa Rules You Need to Know for Football Betting

In addition to the markets and types of bets, professional bettors need to learn the rules of football betting. This may include football betting strategies, techniques, money management tools, which betting market is suitable for this or that game, and how to calculate odds. First of all, betPawa has an extensive terms and conditions section where all the “How to bet” tutorials are presented. Learning the terms and conditions will help you get up and start placing correct bets. Only after you’ve read this section should you place your first bet. But it’s also important to find out how the pros make their predictions. 

  • Analyze the previous games. It’s important to do your homework before placing a bet. Check the league standings, look at the head-to-head matches, and evaluate the teams. Also, game history shows the team’s abilities. 
  • Read the news. By checking the news, you’ll be able to make the right predictions. News and social media are the sources that will give you the latest information about the teams’ conditions, players’ performances, and their attitude towards the upcoming matches. 
  • Find the right betting market. Your choice of markets is half of the success. Some games are more obvious to choose the score-based markets, while others are hard to win. If you’re not sure about the outcome, take a look at the Double Chance market and increase your chances of winning. These options allow you to pick two outcomes at the same time, and if one of them happens, you win.
  • Analyze the odds. For example, if the game has extremely high odds, it means that the team has a low chance of winning. On the other hand, if the odds are close to 1.00, then the team is most likely to win. And it’s important to observe and compare the real odds with the odds set by the bookmaker. To do this, you can use various services that help you make predictions, or you can make the decision yourself, taking into account the scoreboard. 
betpawa Popular Soccer Betting Leagues

As you probably know, football is the largest sport around, thereby having the biggest number of leagues. Since the sport is popular mostly in Europe, there are numerous football leagues. Some of them are country-mixed, while others are based within only one country. Top leagues include: 

  • Premier League. The biggest and richest English football league, with the 20 best teams on the field. The Premier League is famous for having such teams as Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and others. The league is played throughout the year from August to May. 
  • La Liga. The league is based in Spain and consists of teams such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and 17 other clubs.  
  • Bundesliga. If you’re a fan of soccer clubs based in Germany, you know about the Bundesliga and the clubs that play in it. This is a famous German soccer league that has FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, etc. 
bepawa Popular Soccer Events and Tournaments 

We punters come to the sportsbook to add a spark to our sports experience. Watching these thrilling and spectacular events and placing bets on the favorite teams is a great combo. But novice bettors and firstcomers are overwhelmed by the number of events happening in the soccer world. Let’s examine the most popular soccer tournaments and discuss their peculiarities and betting features. 

  • FIFA World Cup. This is an international soccer association that holds soccer competitions between the world’s top soccer clubs. It takes place every four years in different countries, the last one was in Qatar.
  • UEFA Champions League. It consists of the top European football teams from different countries. It follows the scheme of round-robin tournaments, meaning that each team plays with each other, and the winner goes to the final. It is very prestigious to be the champion of the UEFA Champions League. 
  • Copa America. This competition is based in South America and is considered one of the oldest. The event takes place among top teams from America every four years, similar to the world cup. 
  • UEFA Europa League. Although this league is lower than the UEFA Champions League, it is still very prestigious to reach the final and win the cup of this event. The Europa League includes the teams that did not qualify for the Champions League, and they also play throughout the year.

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How to Bet the World Cup 

betpawa How to Bet the World Cup 

Can you imagine that the last World Cup, which took place in Qatar, had a total of over 1.5 billion viewers? Such popularity is due to the professionalism not only of the football players but also of the organizers and managers. Millions of players have gone through the process of making such an event world-famous. As a result, thousands of players place bets on the World Cup through numerous bookmakers, including betPawa. To place a bet on the World Cup, you need to be aware of the schedule. When the match is close, you need to open the sportsbook, log in, find the upcoming events, select the betting market, and specify the amount you want to bet. World Cup events are no different in terms of betting markets or types of bets, whether you’re a fan of fast-paced live events or prefer to make a rational decision based on preparation and in-depth analysis.

Football Betting Strategies

Professionals know many tips and tricks for successful betting. They, of course, do not wish to reveal their secrets. However, some of them love to share their findings with other bettors. These tips can direct you right to the path of success if you follow the instructions:

  1. Bet with more value. If you stake a higher bet, the chance of winning more is bigger accordingly.
  2. Focus on the stake amount. When you see the odds, try to place a bet with the proportionate amount. If you see really high odds, make a bigger bet.
  3. Vary your football betting strategy. Do not stick to one market for long. Test other available choices. It will give you more opportunities for a successful stake.


betpawa Conclusion 

Soccer betting is getting more and more world-famous; new punters come and make the industry grow. But, with such a huge number of events, leagues, clubs, and betting markets, it gets overwhelming for the newcomer. As a result, punters from all over the world can join the community of bettors and learn the techniques, betting options, and other industry-related information here.


How do you bet on football successfully?
From the very beginning, make sure you learn the tips and tricks of football betting, including analyzing the scoreboard, head-to-head matches, and reading the news.
What are the rules for betting?
Beginners can always find the rules in the terms and conditions section of each bookmaker. Check out the how-to-bet guides, learn about the betting markets, and check the odds.
How can I bet and win?
It's hard to win all the time, but there are money management techniques that will improve your betting statistics and increase your winnings.
What's the best bet in soccer today?
Beginners should stick to less complex markets such as 1X2 or Double Hcens and avoid accumulator bets.
How to win a bet daily?
Take part in the daily betting events and increase your odds.
How can I bet on football?
Football is a diverse game with many betting opportunities. Go to the betPawa website, register, open the sportsbook, and browse the upcoming or live events.